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How do you deal with thorny plants?


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  • How do you deal with thorny plants?

    I'll start by saying I hate thorns - nasty, vicious things that leap out at you and cause pain and blood loss.

    Today, I cut back/dug out the wild brambles that are ever-present in a patch that has multiple self-seeded hawthorns in it - and holly.

    Then I found some gooseberries and Worcesterberries beneath the brambles. I'd forgotten they were there, they probably fruited last year, hidden from view. I'm saying that because there were several little gooseberry seedlings too!

    I have 3 Hinnonmaki gooseberries to plant and I've been puzzling where I could put them safely. Now I know - in the prickly, no-go patch.

    My plan is to clear the area of rubbish plants and plant it with all the spiky stuff. Its out of the way, not somewhere I need to walk through, and I can leave it to its own devices until picking time - when I will wear strong boots, sturdy gloves and thick clothes.

    Is there a simpler way?

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    I really don't like thorns either. I have a fairly prickly gooseberry at home, and lots of hateful brambles up at the plot. I had to wade through some brambles last weekend to rescue a metal frame that will be holding up some of my beans this year, and I've had to dig out three thorns out of my hands. Little tiny tips of the thorns that have annoyed me all week. Bladdy hate them.


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      I treated myself to a pair of good gloves with my Christmas money, following a recommendation on a hedgelayers chat forum online - I reckon they should know what works ;-)


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        My gooseberries have been planted in the middle of a bed so are out of the way!


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          Gloves and a tight fitting fleece so I don't get snagged.
          My main spiky problem is brambles ...they are literally everywhere
          Every couple of years or so we try to dig them out completely but it's never very successful as they always reappear.
          This has been one of those years.
          My spiky fruit plants are in various locations but I do like the concept of having a designated area VC.
          I decided early on when we moved here that I'd never have a Holly bush again -trying to weed and clear up beneath the one in our previous garden was a nightmare
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            My thorny Gooseberries are at the front of plot 2 to deter visitors, I mean the ones with fur like badgers and foxes not the human kind although it works for them as well. When I have to pick them I do it veeeeerrrrryyyyy carefully otherwise its ouch, ouch, ouch.

            Weeding around them is the worst, I end up looking like I've been attacked by a mob of cats.
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              Originally posted by veggiechicken View Post

              Is there a simpler way?
              Unfortunately not - I have had pain and blood loss the last few weeks trying to cut back my gooseberries. My arms are covered in long scratches ...the only solution is to give the kids a job


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                Can I borrow your kids, Scarlet?


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                  Yep!! Most definitely!


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                    Not much help with brambles, but if you keep gooseberries pruned to a nice open goblet shape you have more space for your hands so less opportunity for spikage. Bigger fruit too!

                    Also a good concept to adopt when tying in Loganberries etc....

                    Welding gauntlets also help
                    Another happy Nutter...


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                      Ted loves Gooseberries, one summer we had none because Ted ate them all straight from the bush!

                      Amazingly he was entirely unhurt! With Ninja Ted skills who needs gloves?


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                        Mines a thorn-less Blackberry but every now and then a bramble sneaks in and I get scratched I've got the start paying more attention when I'm picking my berries.


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