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  • broken apple tree

    Hi everyone :-) it's my first time posting so not sure if i'm in the right place, but i've just seen that my dwarf apple tree main trunk has snapped about 2 and a half feet from the top tearing down to a total of 3 feet. I can see now that it has snapped that there has been mould growing in it so it's maybe been damaged for a while and I haven't realised. We had quite strong winds here recently so it's been enough to snap this damaged part. Is there anyway to mend it or can I safely cut that entire part off? Any advice would greatly appreciated, thank you

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    Best to clean cut it, especially if there's decease in the upper section.

    Good news being if you're cutting above the graft it will more than likely throw up some new shoots in spring and you'll be back to normal in a year or two. A picture of the deceased area would help.


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      Hi thanks for your reply. I'm not sure how to add photo's so hopefully this works :-D This is the damaged section. I was thinking i'd be best to cut the damaged part off especially with there being mould but needed more expert advice first


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        Sharon, as you're new, you'll have to make a few more posts before you can add pics - i think it's 10, so stick around and you'll soon be able to add your photos.


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          You should be OK cutting it back cleanly as long as the break was above the line of the graft - this is where the fruiting type of the tree is joined to the root-stock.


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            Check where the graft is. Being dwarf there is a chance it was top grafted. As already said if it was grafted low than hack away. If it was top grafted then you need to graft something else on or sling it. (once you sort out the damaged/diseased bit)
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              If the place where it has broken is not the graft then you will have to cut off at least a little below the break. Generally there is little option, although I did tie a cherry branch back in and it merged back into the tree.

              If mould then as that may be disease you may have to cut further down then you would like to. You need to cut back to healthy wood.

              If the break is at the graft then unless you feel like practicing your apple grafting it will probably be easier to get another. You could read around on grafting and just have a go. You have nothing to lose if it fails and in a way a tree to gain if it works.

              Seems fun especially if someone has an apple variety you like and will let you have a small bit of.

              Assumoing you can cut the break out and the graft is low down then you need to think of maintaining a few (3 or 4) branches that you can train outwards as an umbrella shape.

              Add the town you are in as a location, helps with some answers. Someone may have a bit of apple and willing to try a graft on your item.


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