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Finding a space for a funded gardening project


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  • Finding a space for a funded gardening project

    Hello there,

    I know that we are going through some crazy times at the moment but I still would like to keep the ball rolling with a project I am running.

    I have been awarded some funding and training through Contact theatre in Manchester. I will run a veg growing/photography/book binding project for people in recovery from addiction using the funding and hopefully will find some more funding (when everything settles down).

    In order to realise the project I need to find a large allotment space or a bit of land that we can turn into an allotment/ base for the project. I would ideally like to find a space that is large enough to incorporate a large area for growing fruit/veg butr also some sort of building or large shed where I can run art (photography/book binding/printmaking) workshops for the project.

    I live in thje Oldham area of Greater Manchester and would like to run the project locally. If anyone has any knowledge of allotments or spaces that would be available for such a project I would be most grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

    Stay safe and Happy growing people.

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    Good luck with that, but I doubt much will be happening until after the lockdown is lifted.


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      I don't live in that area so no help there but I think you need to think the idea through?

      Do allotments allow visitors??
      Will a shed be big enough for your needs on the allotment? Often building size is restricted.
      You would need electric - it can be pretty dark in a shed even in the summer.
      Security of your supplies may be an issue? Also things get very damp and dirty on an allotment - you will need space for tools as well as your kit.
      Obviously too cold and wet to use in the winter.
      You may be better off hiring a village hall for a day etc rather than trying to put it on an allotment?


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        If you search the Forum for "Oldham" you'll find posts form members living in that area.
        The one that jumped out for me was a thread about the questions that may be raised when letting an allotment to a group of people rather than an individual.

        It got rather heated which will give you a hint as to how carefully you may have to deal with looking for land.

        Alldigging (who doesn't visit the forum now) lives in Chadderton and her post at #40 may help you as she says there are growing groups in the Oldham area. Maybe you could ask them iif they have spare space.


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          Not quite my area of the world but you might want to try talking to
          1) Oldham Council
          2) A "community" allotment rather than a "standard" allotment. They may have something in place that already suits your needs that you might be able to team up with.

          Grassroots on the Rochdale Canal for example.


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