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How much does your plot cost?


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  • How much does your plot cost?

    How much and how do they broken down?
    Discounts for oaps? Membership charges?
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    Think it's about £25 (about that anyway) for a full plot. No breakdown but I think OAPs etc get a discount (possibly as much as 50%). We don't have a committee so no extra payments there and there are no options on the site that you can opt in or out of. Nice and simple. You do have to pay a non returnable payment for admin when you first take on your plot but that's not that much as I remember.

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      £17 for a half plot. Water included.....not that I used much last year.......£3 extra for society membership which includes insurance.

      Oaps get a 50% reduction in fees. Not for membership though!

      What about yours?

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        £37 quid for a full plot , all water and free storage. I think there are discounts for people on low wages/ unemployed/oap.
        We get periodic free deliveries of woodchip and there are tools such as a strimmer/ chipper etc to hire.

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          £40 all in for a full (20 rod) plot, reduction for OAP....includes water . On site shop and 5 star cafe (Sat mornings only ) type stuff for those who want to ....deliveries ofbark chippings, grass cuttings, leaves and llama poop ...toilets and security fencing all round.....we have a committee at no extra charge and are members of NSALG which includes insurance which is all included in our rent. Half plots are cheaper..
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            Ours are £37 for a full plot, nothing is included in that except the plot; no water, no loos, no community building, no shared equipment, nada. No discounts for anybody, even if the plot is unusable when you take it on...


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              100 euro for 100 square meters and free water. Portaloos provided. Nothing else.


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                £6.25 for a half plot, £12.50 for a full plot, includes water rates.

                No discounts, and no facilities - though they're talking about getting a compobog type thing on, and are expanding the "shed" out to make it secure due to break ins.

                edit: NSALG Membership included too, "secure" site. Members sort out manure/compost/woodchips.
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                  £77 for a full plot in Aberdeen. No services at all. Not even perimiter fencing. 50% Discount for pensioners. Women at age 60, men at age 65.


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                    be great if folks would indicate their exact area, town name, Council or whatever.


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                      £8 per rod, so £40 for most plots. Includes water, periodic muck & chipping deliveries, security fencing. Association membership is £3 and you get a shop on 2 of the sites. £10 returnable deposit for the key.
                      This is in Worthing, West Sussex


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                        I'm in London so its pricey. It's £7 a pole. And I think £1 a pole for water and £5 membership. As I've just taken on an extra 16 poles it's going to be pricey.

                        We get wood chip and soil improver/council compost for virtually free. There is a shop at the weekends, deliveries of manure and skips twice a year. No loo at the moment, but keen to get one!
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                          £20.50 for 1/2 plot, we have water supply and secure storage and reasonable secure fencing all around. There is also a polytunnel, which is padlocked by the resident disabled group so we dont actually have access to use it; there is a portacabin which has a toilet, also locked by the disabled group so no access to that either, but there is a commode in the lockup that I have a key to; theres no electricity; no manure or compost, no woodchip, no shop, no skips, no insurance. we are allowed a shed/greenhouse no more than 8x6ft total, if we can erect it, no paving on the plots, no fencing between the plots, only a very narrow path to access the plot wheelbarrow just about squeezes down there.
                          one of the founding members has a generator and some pretty good equipment which he allows everyone to use they just provide petrol for the generator, however as my plot is at the furthest point on site, moving this heavy equipment from the lockup would be a huge effort.

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                            Individual plot pro rata for size based on £20 for 5 rods - although most plots are less than this now
                            Free for pensioners Free water march to october and the site is fenced and gated, there's a £5 key deposit.

                            Water has been 'discussed' a lot for the last 2 years and I think it will be charged for soon, but there's a lot of debate over how to do it fairly, cos some people use enough to fill a swimming pool some rarely use it.


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                              We're in Sheffield - £37.90 inc water. There are discounts for pensioners and half-plots. The plots are generally pretty large, and we have an allotment committee and subsidised shop. The cost is set to double this year though - we usually get an invoice in January, and we're expecting to see that the annual cost will now exceed £70.00.
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