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What is mushroom compost good for?


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  • What is mushroom compost good for?

    I've done a search on mushroom compost on the forum and apart from potatoes it seems that it can be used on everything else. Think this is because it has lime in it.

    Is there anything else that won't like mushroom compost? Was only going to use it on outdoor veg, such as brassicas, beans, peas and root veg.

    I guess that tomatoes and anything else in the greenhouse with "fruit" like cucumbers and peppers may not be so good an idea or am I completely wrong on that.

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    Yes, I'd dig it into the soil outside, it's a great soil conditioner.

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      The only veg that might struggle with the alkalinity is tatties..........but if I was getting it cheap enough I wouldn't mind peeling the scab off the tatties!
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        Don't use it on parsnips, carrots or spuds. definately not blueberries.

        Shovelled 15 cu M. of it last weekend! It doesn't have the density of horse muck or compost nor the longevity of leafmould. Its great advantage is it's weedfree. Very good as a mulch especially round brassicas

        Hope its alright for the greenhouse too as i just mulched the beds in there with it!
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          At my old address I used to pass a farm shop which periodically sold spent mush comp. I bought ten bags of it and spread it over my entire garden as a three - four inch mulch. EVERYTHING I planted through it went absolutely BONKERS that year! I planted three "Money Maker" tomato plants and have never seen tomatoes like it before or since. One truss of tomatoes weighed four pounds!!!! That farm shop and it's compost is the only thing I've missed since moving!
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            I used mushroom compost to replace the non-existent soil in my back garden last year - the flowers were fantastic! So much so, Ive invested in 50 bags and put it on my lottie this year. I reckon if my flowers look so good, it cant do my veg any harm. Didnt know about the tatties tho - tough! I've just planted some today - well, I'm still learning, so Im eager to see what happens.
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              Does anyone know a place in the west midlands that sells it by the ton at a good price?

              Also I was thinking of using the compost out of my bins (1 year old) in pots for my tomatoes,Cue's and Chillis.... do you think it will be to rich? i need to mix it with some Mp compost? or growbags?

              Last year I just used Mp and growbags mixed in the pots but the cost as we all know can run up high.....let me know what you lot think.

              Thanks. Dave.


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                There are a couple of suppliers on eBay who say they can deliver nationwide. Search on Mushroom Compost and they should come up. May be too expensive depending on how much you need.

                Otherwise you could Google Mushroom Farms in the W Mids area and see what comes up. You may find one prepared to let you have some spent compost.


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                  I used mushroom compost on half my spuds last year they grew brilliantly but on using there were nests of woodlice inside alothough there was no external damage. The spuds Which I grew with horse manure were fine.have used it a lot on other things and never had any problems


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                    As Kenscarecrow said, we had no problems other than the woodlice. I dug it into my green house bed and grew toatoes and cues...didn't have a problem with woodlice in there though. Maybe too hot for 'em! Cheers!
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                      how well do onions grow.



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                        Originally posted by kittykat8 View Post
                        how well do onions grow.

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