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Should I take on plot next to badger sett?


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  • Nicos
    I would think any plot on the site is at risk.
    You would need to make your plot less accessible than your neighbours if possible.
    We had a badger on our previous allotment and it did a lot of damage on one occasion by digging up the ground in search of presumably earthworms.
    We put up a chicken wire fence around the whole plot and it didn’t return . Chicken wire wouldn’t have stopped it but it just made it more of an effort to access. We also stopped growing Sweetcorn which seemed to attract it.
    Can you go and chat to other plotholders and see what they say is going on.
    Apparently they can wander up to a mile per night so being on a plot further away from the sett probably wouldn’t make much difference.
    I think my main concern would be what type of weeds/ is it liable to flooding/ how much shade etc would be more of a concern to me.
    Incidentally, we have a badger sett a couple of hundred yards from our field where we are now but we’ve never ( touch wood) as yet, been visited.
    I think you would have more peace of mind chatting to neighbouring plot holders tbh.

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  • GardenGrower
    started a topic Should I take on plot next to badger sett?

    Should I take on plot next to badger sett?

    After a seven year wait(!), I have finally been offered an allotment plot. Problem is, it is right next to a badger sett. Should I go for it or hold off for another plot? More plots may become available later this year or early next year and I am not obliged to take first offered. After waiting this long, I don't want to regret my decision!

    If there are badgers on the site anyway, does it matter how close my plot is to the sett?

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