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  • Help ID this potato

    Hi folks,

    it's been a while . . . I still have my plot and have expanded it last year, the other half that I have taken over had some volunteer potatoes growing. I needed the space they are in so harvested them . . . they taste great ! ! boiled well, very smooth even creamy, would really like to know what they are, I suspect Kestrel but would like to be 100% sure.

    Can you tell from the picture ?
    My allotment in pictures

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    They do look like Kestrel. Apache have similar colouring but usually more red.
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      I was going to say Kestrel too.
      Not seen apache potatoes and so I goooogled them…what unusual markings!

      So yep - I’m still going with kestrel
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        I think you are both correct, my only hesitation is that Apache is described as having a creamy texture similar to chestnuts . . . and that fits really well with how they tasted, but the red areas seem to be away from the eyes, my potatoes has the red areas where the eyes are,
        My allotment in pictures


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          I guess I'm the only dissenting opinion here, but I'm pretty sure they're not Kestrel. The blotches on Kestrel are distinctly more purple than that, whereas those are quite pinky-red.
          What colour are these potatoes on the inside? Kestrel is white inside.

          I'm fairly sure these are not Apache, either, though. Apache are about 3/4 red, not just red blotches like that.
          To be completely honest, what they look like is King Edwards. They have those pinky-red blotches on the skin, and the shape looks right. King Edwards are yellow inside, if that helps.


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            King Edwards or Picasso would be my guess without seeing the inside flesh. But I'm not a potato expert so my guess is only based on what I've grown. I really like Picasso for flavour and they're very productive.



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              Thanks folks for the suggestions, I'm now drifting away from Kestrel and towards King Edwards, the taste descriptions I'm seeing for King Edwards seem to be a better match . . .

              My allotment in pictures


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