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Weedy derelict plot next door


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  • Weedy derelict plot next door

    We have a plot next to us that has been abandoned.

    most people are leaving it to the they department to deal.

    it's currently a sea of dandelions and docks. I'm not so bothered about the dandelions, but my plot is noticeably more weed-infested this year, and I'm wondering if there's anything practical I could offer to do (other than strim it).

    no weedkiller (I'm a hippy), no burning (we have annoying neighbours)

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    The only three things I can think of are:

    1. Cover it

    2. Strim it

    3. Annoy the council (or owner) to get it re-let as soon as possible.
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      Offer to take it over?

      Strim to keep the weed seeds down.


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        Even I have to admit I couldn't take it over...

        Strimming, again, I am struggling for time (my own plot needs a good old mow)

        I wonder if I could plant phalocea(sp?) Bees love it, and it's good ground-cover and easy to uproot. I shall ask the committee

        In terms of bothering the committee, I think they are doing what they can, but 3 of the best plots came up for letting recently, so that may have emptied the waiting list (and someone was prevailed upon to take over the worst rubbish heap plot recently as well).
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          Planting phacelia won't get rid of the dandelions and docks, which will soon be seeding merrily. If you can't cover it to kill the growth, then as GF says,strimming is the only other viable option to prevent the weeds seeding. Is there a plot on the other side of the derelict one, whose tenants may help to take a turn at strimming?
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            I would possibly go in with a brashing iron or sickle now and again and just take off any flowers or seedheads to stop weeds migrating to your plot?
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              The plot on the otherside are the ones who are retired and down the plot all the time, and proudly said they had complained to the committee... I will ask, but I doubt they will.

              what's a brashing iron? I assume any plant-battering device will do..


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                Have a look at this:


                Probably a long but not very heavy crowbar might do if you could hold it comfortably for a reasonable length of time.


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                  i have a piece of steel in that might be made to an approximation of that...

                  angle-grinder time!


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                    I had this issue for years and always had to strim twice or three times a year to keep the seeds off. It is quicker than weeding your own plot!


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                      Buy a goat.


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