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Allotment advice. vacating an allotment.


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  • Allotment advice. vacating an allotment.

    Evening. Sorry about the rant.

    I'm after some advice. We have been asked to vacate our allotment, I've had a rough year and have found it hard to keep it up. I admit that it had got in a mess. We were given 1 month to "do some work on it" and we dug about half of it over. We got a email on the deadline day mkrning stating that is wasnt enough and they had given the plot to someone else. That same day we dug the whole lot over but it was too late despite being the dead line day. The email said we have 7 days to vacate. That was Monday. We are arguing this at present.
    Today we was walking past and noticed someone was on our plot pulling up all the plants, rubarb, my new strawberry bed and fruit bushes. It was the new tenant, apparently he signed the contract on Monday and was told he could go on it straight away.
    Please can anyone tell me where I stand with this.

    Thank you.

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    Only advice I can offer is to have a careful look at your allotment contract. Every site and council has it’s own rules...
    Certainly worth asking the new tenant if you could take the various stuff they are pulling up - and pop it in pots at home for the time being?


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      Sounds to me like you were asked to complete by a particular date and you complied with that

      Check your association rules and, if a local authority site, you should have right of appeal to the allotments officer.



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