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Advice on layout for new greenhouse


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  • Advice on layout for new greenhouse

    Hi all,
    I have just bought a new 8ft X 8ft greenhouse and am trying to work out best layout. I want to grow plenty of tomatoes, and also have some staging to go down one side for propagating, herbs etc. Any advice on best width for ground beds (for tomatoes.. and width for path in the middle. Trying to work out how best to use the space.
    Even better, does anyone know where to find floor plan examples?



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    Hi Lucy - and welcome to the Vine.
    I don’t have a greenhouse but there are plenty of very experienced members who do.
    If you don’t get many replies here I’ll move your post to a different section.

    Exciting times for you - I wish I had a greenhouse!
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      I have been using Quadgrows for many years with an external reservoir for tomatoes. No idea how good the current design is but mine save a lot of time on watering.
      The only thing I have growing in the soil is a fig tree, which despite root restriction is a monster!
      Awarded Which? Magazine "Best Buy", our Quadgrow Planter perfectly waters plants for up to 2 weeks at a time & produces bigger harvests than regular plant pots & grow bags. Ideal for tomatoes and much more. Includes Plant Feed. Build your own bundle!
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        Try to stay flexible for the first couple of seasons. Don't commit to any layout you can't change. You may have plans for crops now that you reconsider after a season or two.

        I bought a substantial, and expensive, full length wooden bench only to find I need more bed-space. I have already taken 100mm off the legs to allow higher plants and may well cut it in half this winter.

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          I'm lucky. Because I used to grow Chrysanthemums I bought a 12 x 8 greenhouse that sits on a dwarf wall so I have 6 ft high sides on mine. My small one I raised it up on one row of blocks and even that makes a difference as it gives you and extra 9" of headroom. With benches I only have them one side and one endand theyre about 3ft wide so I have a 2ft path down the middle but I made them myself. all you need to do is put some fence posts in in the post spike thingies (technical term) and cut them off at the height you want then put a cross piece between them (I use 2"x1" tanalised roof battons) and then make your tops out of the same stuff ... If you want it to look nice, then you can paint it. and the weight of it will keep it on there ... trust me !

          If you leave a bit of a gap between the back post and the greenhouse side you can always just slide the top down there out the way and it provides a bit of shading low down.

          I reckon to beable to grow 9 tomatoes in my bed thats about 10ft x 3ft if you off set them (5 along the back and 4 on the front) and I would just have benches down both sides and keep the end clear that way if you want to grow something taller you put it in there and it will be out the way( Early Tub of Climbing French beans for instance). or a hanging basket with some peas in for an early crop ...

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