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  • Caught the grafting bug

    Hi all

    A newbie to the forum after becoming obsessed with grafting fruit trees.

    Following a house move & my good fortune for it to include a sizeable garden, I've grow very interested in the art of top working & changing fruit tree varieties from the original to a more favourable specimen. I find the process fascinating & the results almost magical, Gardening a !!

    I also love growing any fruit really, with cherry Tomatoes another favourite. I leave the none edible garden to my better half.

    Mitch from sunny Kent

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    Hello and welcome to the vine Rooster

    I've not tried grafting but I know others here successfully have so hopefully one of then will spot your post.
    Location....East Midlands.


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      Welcome to the forum.
      Near Worksop on heavy clay soil


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        I'm a keen amateur fruit grower and a long term, but very poorly skilled grafter. Still, I remember my successes and forget my failures. I have a few apple trees which are over 30 years old now, and I can hardly believe I was the one who joined the scion and the stock on them. I also have a plum tree which is now about 40' tall and started life as a branch I stuck in the ground with a view to budding from it the following spring. The buds did not take, but the branch did and so now it's growing on its own roots.
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          Wow, I've not tried that approach. I'll give it a go, what the worse that's can happen.


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            Wait until the leaves fall off is all. Don't forget fruit trees grown on their own roots may well end up being humungous, and will almost certainly not crop for 5 or 6 years


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