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    Hi, hopefully this won't get me banned but just wanted to say hello. I'm Jaemey from Greenock in Scotland. Hoping to develop my gardening skills with a little help from this forum. I don't have an allotment yet but have applied to my local allotments. Anyway, looking forward to reading all the useful hints and tips here.

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    Hello and welcome, Jaemey. Lots of friendly folk on here happy to share experience and info. And there are growing guides that are quite helpful too.

    Hope you manage to get an allotment soon. Meanwhile, are you doing any gardening or growing at home?
    Living in north-east Spain, where the sun is too hot, the rain too torrential, the hail too big, the wind too windy and the snow too deep.


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      HI and welcome in,hope you got a comfy seat,as you will find yourself on here a lot,good luck with a plot and growing,just ask away anything
      sigpicAnother nutter ,wife,mother, nan and nanan,love my growing places,seed collection and sharing,also one of these


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        Thanks guys, I had registered a under another email but for some reason got permanently banned😬. I hadn't even made a post! I am growing chillies and various herbs on my windowsill but there's not enough space for what I really want to do sadly. My hope is to grow vegetables to make soup for a local homeless charity, plus a bit extra for my family. I'm so keen to have my daughter's involved too. Trying to get them off their technology and get them into something I love too. Time will tell I suppose. Trouble is I'm a novice and hope to learn along with them.


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          Hello and welcome to the vine Jaemey
          I’m also a back garden grower but I do have a green house it’s unheated so I still end up filling the windowsills with seedings.


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            Good luck with getting kids involved!
            I've found that them having their "own" tools pretty helpful.

            Big hits for my kids are fast growers like peas (taste so sweet fresh they never make it home), runner beans, cherry toms. Also flowers like sweet peas and tulips they can proudly cut for the house. And pumpkins of course. They loved growing their own halloween pumpkins.
            Anything which is not the 'normal' colour of things from a shop are also a big hit - yellow tomatoes and cucumbers, purple french beans and potatoes. I haven't yet managed to buy yellow raspberries, but they would love those.

            I also have tiny alpine strawberry plants dotted all over the garden, and these have a really long fruiting season. This means they will happily run about looking for the little strawberry treats and always look forward to joining in.


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