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    Hi all,

    Having always wanted a greenhouse, we moved house last year and one of the things that sold the house to me was that it came complete with a greenhouse. It was a done deal. Itís nowt special, 6x6 and Iíve had to replace several panes of glass before the growing season, sheís not in bad nick to be fair but Iíve got the bug and have been shopping for an upgrade ha! Space isnít an issue which is nice and I am grateful but donít think my wallet or wife will be when the upgrade goes in during the winter!! Weíll see how this growing season goes before I dive in!

    Iím going for either a Rhino or an elite Titan, if anyone has any comments to sway my decision Iíd be very interested to hear them.

    I love gardening, always have since I was a kid and now Iíve got the kind of garden I can get really stuck into and be proud of, time permitting of course (5 year old daughter takes up most weekends, ballet, swimming etc etc). My other baby now though is my greenhouse!! This year Iíve got 4 indeterminate tomatoes and a host of various different peppers and chillis which considering itís my first year are all doing amazingly well. All the seeds (apart from 2 seedlings were purchased from garden centres more recently) were sown on a miserable Sunday afternoon at the end of Feb and grown in a disused fish tank which proved to be a very proficient grow cabinet for seedlings. Theyíre all out in the greenhouse now and Iím really chuffed with the progress, fingers crossed for bumper crops this year!

    With the new greenhouse I intend on growing a much wider variety, not only edibles, tropical plants/flowers too hopefully. But for now Iíll see whether I can produce anything thatís actually edible.

    Most searches that throw up forum results always lead me here. I guess I feel like Iím in safe hands if any advice is required so thought Iíd sign up!! Likewise, if thereís anything I can help with Iíll be more than happy to help others out, Iíve watched hundreds of hours of YouTube videos on fruit and veg production so do feel like a pro without even having produced a single fruit hahaha!!


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    Welcome Dan, plenty of us noobs about, making it up as we go along


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      Welcome everyone's really friendly and helpful here, I'm sure you'll get plenty of helpful advice and ideas if you should ever need it. I've been container gardening myself for a while and absorbing all YouTube has to offer (growing up on a permiculture smallholding must've rubbed off) and just got into an allotment this week past so it's like getting the bug all over again. My eldests the same age as your daughter and loves all things green and growing. Does yours have any interest yet?

      look forward to reading your posts
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        Hi Dan and welcome.
        I'm not such a new noob but I still make it up as I go along.
        Your garden and GH sound great. Once you start eating your own veggies, you'll be really hooked. Have you told your wife about digging up the lawn yet?


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          Hi Dan welcome to the vine.

          It's good to see the veggie growing bug has bitten you, be careful of those chillies you're growing. They can turn into an obsession really quickly, so I've been told .

          My greenhouse recommendation is..........a polytunnle. You get more growing space for the same price. Actual growing conditions there's nothing in it between the two. Safer with a little one running around. Even safer still when little one is a bit bigger and starts playing football or cricket . The best option would be to ignore me

          if thereís anything I can help with Iíll be more than happy to help others out
          Brilliant! How's your building skills?


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            Thanks for the warm welcome guys!!

            YouTube is definitely my best friend when it comes to what I m doing whether itís in the greenhouse or garden. If I canít find what Iím looking for then Iíll wing it, a terrible result isnít the end of the world, just change it up next time!

            My daughter loves being out in the garden, she is easily distracted by swings and trampolines but weíve got a sunflower on the go in the greenhouse, itís going into the garden next week but it get her in there every day to see the progress! Unfortunately sheís not a big fan of tomatoes and peppers so they arenít of much interest to her. She does love corn on the cob and weíve got 6 growing near the greenhouse which she checks on every day so yeah she does love the garden and I definitely want to nurture it!


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              Hi there, and welcome to the Vine from me too!
              "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple


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                How about growing peas and strawberries? Everyone loves picking and eating those ( including me ).


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                  Fortunately the lawn wonít be affected by the new greenhouse. I say fortunately not because my wife wouldnít be happy, as much as she enjoys the garden itís very much my domain in terms of what happens maintenance/development wise. She gets all the calls on decorating the house to I get the garden 

                  Funny you should mention a poly tunnel small pumpkin. Itís not something I ever considered until last night and realised I could go much bigger for a lot less cost. I just like the look of the greenhouse and the other half said she didnít want the back garden looking like a garden centre when I mentioned poly tunnels last night 

                  My building skills are reasonable to be fair, Iím a joiner!! Isle of Mull is rather far for work but Iíve heard you guys have got some good whisky up there? 弄 


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                    Hope you enjoy it!

                    Do you need to replace your greenhouse, or could you just add the new one?

                    Seconded on the raspberries/strawberrries, my 4.5-yr old loves hoovering them up from the plant... he also likes digging, and mud...


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                      The whiskey emoji on my phone turned into a Japanese word. Iíve just realised you canít use phone emojis, just the ones at the foot of the message! Told you I was new to this!

                      Weíve got strawberries on the go, had quite a few off it already although a lot seem to go mouldy or split around the top before theyíre ready. We grow strawberries every year and never had many issues as theyíre kind of an easy one to grow. My in laws were staying with us for a month (wife is Spanish so they come over a couple of times a year) and my father in law was in charge of strawberries. Theyíve been slightly neglected but he insisted on planting them in soil from the garden in unsuitable pots without drainage. Theyíre now obviously sat in pots full of weeds with poor soil and no drainage.

                      One thing we do have an awful lot of is wild strawberries, ridiculous amounts! Theyíre particularly sour tho.


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                        Biker mike, it does need to go or be moved. Itís defintely sited in the best area of the garden and would limit me for the newun


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                          Hello and welcome to the vine Dan


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                            You might not need to touch the lawn for the greenhouse but once you have the bug you'll be wanting a couple of beds for the stuff that doesn't need to be under cover.

                            A polytunnel might be another way to go twice the space for half the price.

                            Don't worry about the other half seeing the build of the new house - by that time your window sill will be covered with tomato and chilli seedlings you won't be able to see out.

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                              Just dropping in to say hi and welcome. The more the merrier.
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