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  • Recommend me a stick blender

    I want to buy a stick blender and the choice is somewhat overwhelming. I don't want an all-singing, all-dancing affair in the £100's, just something that will purée soups, whisk eggs, chop herbs in average amounts. I've decided a max of 5 speeds, but probably more than 1 speed, stainless steel shaft bit, as plastic stains (thinking tomatoes here) irremovably. A fairly robust motor so it isn't prone to overheat after 5 seconds use.
    So far, I've picked out 3 that seem to be OK
    This one seems cheap for what it does. Then there's this one which has 2 speeds, and this one which has 20 speeds which seems a bit excessive, but it has a nice sleek look.
    Can anyone recommend a better choice, what does everyone use and how good is it?
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    Hard to say - I have an expensive metal one ( Braun )which is years old and just keeps going. I like that it copes with hot food ( have to be careful not to splash myself of course)
    The cheaper one (Lidl) has a plastic upper part and a smaller blade.
    They are both 13-20 years old so I can’t complain although I choose to go for the metal one mainly because of the fact that inside the chopping head it’s flat. No food gets lodged inside. The other one needs a bit of picking out when cleaning.

    They never seem to show the inside of the head ( domed/flat and size of blade)

    Who needs 20 speeds?

    I only ever used my upright beaker /jug when preparing small quantities - I have whisks and small coffee type blenders so would never use the added bits and pieces.

    Which would I go for?…hmm….I’d want to see inside the head first tbh!
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      My first one was a reject from one of the elderly in-laws. I used it until it gave up the ghost. I now have a tefal that I bought at a local discount shop. It really does the job. It was not expensive and includes the whisk and little grinder bowl thing. ( 2 speed only). If it died tomorrow I would replace it immediately if not before. I might cook from scratch but if help is available, yes please.


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        Brought this one 18 months ago very pleased with it. Use it for making soup, thickening cream & pesto.

        Tower T12014 Stick Hand Blender with Variable Speed Control, Durable Stainless Steel Blades, Dual Speed Settings, Ergonomic Design, 300 W, Black


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