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WARNING Don't buy from Marshalls.


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  • WARNING Don't buy from Marshalls.

    I've bought a few packets of seeds from Marshalls over the years but this year decided to buy some onion, garlic & shallots (as well as seed potatoes for next year delivery). Ordered 1st Sept for delivery mid Sept but by the end of the month nothing had arrived. Emailed them and was told it would arrive in the next 7 days, nothing came. Gave them another few days and tried again, fobbed off with the same rubbish. It's now the 20th Oct, over a month after the delivery date, and still nothing. Emailed again to be given the same bums rush. I've asked for a full refund, not sure if I'll ever hear from them again. Loads of bad reviews on Trustpilot. Thought I'd warn people on here.
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    What alliums did you order?

    Have you looked at their delivery info page?

    Location - Leicestershire - Chisit-land
    Endless wonder.


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      I bought the autumn planting selection. It's been in stock for weeks now. Every time I chase it up they tell me it'll be delivered in the next 7 day... it never is. They are supposed to be refunding me but wont tell me when giving some rubbish excuse to say it had to be cancelled by the dispatch dept.
      Of course I've looked at their delivery page, it says it was supposed to be delivered by now as they were in stock weeks ago.
      Look at their reviews on Trustpilot, 83% gave 1 star.
      Just wanted to warn anyone else so they potentially don't make the same mistake.


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        Stick with it sharry . Try to get your credit card company to help.

        Too many suppliers are crying pandemic, driver shortage, blah, blah, blah. If they can't supply they should say so up front.

        More need to adopt Amazon's practice of only charging on the credit card once the goods are dispatched. (and use decent courier services)
        I live in a part of the UK with very mild winters. Please take this into account before thinking "if he is sowing those now...."


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          You're right quangle. I know suppliers are finding things difficult now, but they shouldn't be passing the issues onto customers. Else in future they'll find their customers have gone elsewhere.
          Mostly flowers, some fruit and veg, at the seaside in Edinburgh.


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            Oh dear, that’s not good. In their defence, I’ve bought lots of stuff from them, and never had a problem.


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              Sorry to hear that. I often but stuff from Marshall’s without issues. I did have an issue with delays last year when I ordered seed potatoes from them but just ordered bulbs and despite them being on offer (where I worry that too much demand will mean delays) they came quickly.


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