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    Does anyone have their own YouTube channel for their allotment growing? I have recently started to make some videos as my dad who gardens with me has become ill and unable to get down to the plot. That combined with me never remembering what i have done from one week to the next it seemed like a good idea as a diary.

    You can find mine on YouTube - Andrew's allotment diary.

    Mine are extremely rough round the edges but i enjoy the making of them and watching others doing the same.

    I find the channels hugely helpful as a complete novice, let me know your channel, be great to see!

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    Found your VLOG. Perhaps put in a links as you update.

    Keep up the good work and sure it will be a good reminder this time next year


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      Thank You....

      I have added a link.....i think

      I have been watching VLOG's constantly recently, there's some real good ones on there that are very informative indeed.

      Thanks Again



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        I don't have my own channel, as I don't think I'd have much to say. Maybe other people could learn from my beginner container fumblings? Probably not!

        However, I do watch a lot of vlogs. My favourite gardening vlog is One Yard Revolution: Patrick's garden is the one I aspire to have once I have a garden I can do what I want with. His is the only gardening channel I actually subscribe to (wait, cancel that, I've just subscribed to yours!) but I'll regularly click on videos from a few other channels if they appear on my feed. They include:

        Allotment Diary - Yorkshire-based allotmenteer. Very matter-of-fact. Handy to see what someone is managing not too far from where I live.
        Charles Dowding - so, this one is a bit more commercial, but there's some helpful stuff here.
        GrowVeg - a bit peppy for my tastes, but quite informative when you just want a how-to video.
        Self Sufficient Me - an Australian gardener, so not entirely relevant for UK growers, but interesting to watch.
        The Rusted Garden - lots of how-to videos.
        Mumbai Balcony Gardener - obviously based in India, but very inspirational, showing what can be done with a small space, and some great wormery tips.

        These are all channels I have found because they just so happen to have come yup in my feed or in response to searching for how-to-videos on particular topics. I'd love to hear which vlogs you (and anyone else) have been watching so that I can expand my YouTube gardening channels even more


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          I only follow two...

          Sean James Cameron's Diary of an Allotment Gardener, Sean's a lovely bloke although I always end up shouting at his videos, "don't do it like that you idiot!".

          Then there's blustardave, Dave's Allotment, Because he's a complete and utter nutter.
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