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Curious problem re- emails and contact.


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  • Curious problem re- emails and contact.

    My OH was expecting an email the other day but it never arrived even after several phone calls. The next day he was told it had been sent three times. My junk folder was empty (it always is anyway) and it wasn't in any of the other main folders. I got his email address and tried to send a message so they could reply to it but it wouldn't go and I kept getting my contacts window showing - er why? I tried adding the email address to my contacts list but it said it was an invalid address even though I double-checked it with the chap. Today, well ain't life strange. I copied and pasted the same email address from his website and this time it went! I also managed to add him to my contacts list!! Why his didn't get to me I don't know. Anyone got any ideas? I use Windows 10 with Windows Live Mail and have never encountered this before.
    I work very hard so please don't expect me to think as well!

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    Tinternet baffles me, I don't think it's as good as some might think or wish, I had the same with a fishing club secretary, he gave me his email and it just wouldn't work, came back undeliverable.


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      There are so many reasons, most of them outwith your control...

      If it was in the middle of a windows Update, then some services on your computer could have closed down until after the reboot.

      Other common issue is suspect code on web pages (the Green House Pictures on Photo Bucket today mucked about with my session). I just stopped the event, but most people would have to reboot

      Always go for Switch it Off and On again, then ask question if still a problem


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        Have you got any rules set up? These can cause odd effects.
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          I stopped using Windows mail because it was inconsistent and unreliable. Moved onto a gmail address and have no problems now.
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            Sometimes there can be a "hidden" character there. A hard space or a tab character.
            Problem can be getting rid of them as at times they can be present but not selectable, and if not selectable they cannot be deleted.

            The ascii character set is bigger then the things on the keyboard. Many of which are not displayed - you do not see the cr and lf chars (10 and 13) which are present at the end of any line.

            If the window uses HTML then a different encoding is going to be present but again hidden,


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              I typed the email address given over the phone and read it back o him then carefully typed it in the address box, but i exactly the same address as on his website and I checked that with the previous one in case I'd missed something out but I hadn't. I should have tried the old "switch off then on" trick!
              I work very hard so please don't expect me to think as well!


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