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    Many Thanks to All your replies....
    1. I hope nobody thinks I'm Under estimating the value of any gift.....Its the thought that counts and i greatly Appreciate that.

    2 I Did NOT post to illustrate the value of the gift, merely to create some interest and comments.....Achieved I reckon.

    3 My closing remark on the opening thread was how much I rated the 'Tin', many have agreed.
    4 As to the contents , I was'nt sure, however some have given ideas .......appreciated.

    5 have done some experimenting myself and conclude that the 'Knobs' are actually quite Nutritious, Tasty and Versatile. They can be used for /as Croutons, Savoury crackers, Trifle base to name but a few, I'm sure the list is endless.

    My favourite so far is Halved and topped with Prawns and Cashew nuts Sauted in Garlic butter with a dash of Soy sauce.

    Try some and come back and share with ideas/suggestions /comments and Recipes..

    As for the TIN ......sorry, It stays here .

    Or maybe I could be persuaded to offer it as a Trophy for a worthwhile competition.
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      You could re-gift them.

      Over here some families have a tradition of re-gifting the same fruit cake for years, even decades. It's as a joke of course.

      Or you could enjoy them (if you can), keep the tin, and next Christmas give a pair of plastic pink lawn flamingos to the person that gave these to you.
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        They would make me chuckle loudly , im assuming thats the reaction the giver was looking for


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