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    My children have plenty of good reasons (well, bad reasons, really - childhood trauma's a b!tch) for the way they sometimes behave. I adore them both and would cheerfully walk through fire for them. Considering we fought through 10 years of infertility and then battled the adoption system for them, sometimes it feels like we have.

    Those reasons notwithstanding, evenings like this one, when their behaviour just deteriorates past the point of no return, just suck. Big time.

    Roll on spring. I need plot time to feed my soul.


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      The outlaws (again)

      Surely by the time siblings reach their late 70s and 80s they should not still be falling out over trivia and raking up old grievances and petty jealousies
      from the dark ages.

      I refuse to get involved but sometimes they are worse than toddlers throwing their toys out of the pram!!!!

      Life is just too short!! (particularly at their age)


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        Very strange and stressful day. My youngest lost his phone and the replacement was sent to me so I arranged to meet him to hand it over. He was late and had his dog with him. She's usually very well behaved and he asked when he got there if it was alright for her to be off the lead. He was assured that she was OK. A bit later he was asked to put her on the lead. Personally i think someone complained, although I can't work out what problem a small well behaved chihuahua was causing. She had behaved impeccably until then. This is when she decided to be a PITA and we couldn't catch her. The landlady came out and reiterated the she should be leashed. We tried explaining that we would do so when we could catch her. The landlady insisted on the leashing which is when my son lost the plot, finally caught his dog and stormed out having chucked his pint on the floor. I apologised profusely for his behaviour even though I think it was 50/50.

        Can I be embarrassing here. While my son was trying to sort his phone out I was being chatted up and enjoying it. After said son left I finished my drink and headed for the the door, the chatter upper asked for a kiss which I gave him. The most embarrassing thing is that I can't remember his name but I can remember his dog's name.

        I then went to my DIL's house and found my 15yr old granddaughter on her own. Her mother is in London. I'm her appropriate adult and I wasn't told. I'm so bl00dy angry. I went to see her father (my son) and he hadn't been told either.

        I want to bang all their heads together. For goodness sake they are all supposed to be be adults.
        "I prefer rogues to imbeciles as they sometimes take a rest" (Alexander Dumas)
        "It is neccessary to have wished for death in order to know how good it is to live" (also Alexandre Dumas)


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          Originally posted by burnie View Post
          I have a smart phone, it keeps asking me to connect and to down load google,,errr no thanks, my phone rings when some one calls and it allows me to phone folk, that will do just fine for me. 'puter for forums and checking the rugby results and that does me for enough social meeja.
          To use your phone only for calls and texts, you could switch off Mobil Data. stops internet stuff.....

          Or do what my mum does and switch it off. Then nobody can call you and you can switch back on when you want to be contacted

          much better in the days of going down pub. Buy barman.maid drink and you were never there
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            Disparaging comments about your taste in music...

            Small things etc...
            1574 gin and tonics please Monica, large ones.


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              Bought two cd compilations off Amazon which arrived last week, then tried playing them in the car over the weekend:

              Disc 1 from first collection played fine, no issues. Disc 2 from first collection was cracked in two places so straight in the bin.

              Disc 1 from second collection played just about, surprising as it looked liked it'd been polished with an orbital sander. Disc 2 from second collection wasn't even from the same box!?? some random misfile from who knows where. Casing looked to have had tea spilled over it at some point.

              Both these CDs were sold as used (from different sellers) with condition supposedly 'Very Good' both times. Right. If these were Very Good then 'Average' condition must be a bag of disc fragments and supplied roll of tape. Load of rubbish! Bad feedback imminent not that'll it make any difference..


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                Yesterday I put up with a day of Hollie puking for England. I accept that when you have babies and dogs you deal with this stuff. She’s been okay all day today until tonight. She’s poohed the most awful smell i’ve ever encountered and I can’t find it. It’s not in the lounge so i’ve shut the door between that room and the kitchen diner which has toned it down a smidge. I will have to wait until some decent light tomorrow to deal with it. I’m going to bed to get away from it. Goodnight everyone.
                "I prefer rogues to imbeciles as they sometimes take a rest" (Alexander Dumas)
                "It is neccessary to have wished for death in order to know how good it is to live" (also Alexandre Dumas)


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                  Just bought a gubbed phone from a guy on Gumtree and I want to stick it up his nostril.
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                    Just had a complaint upheld about customer care on telephone banking....yeh-that's good news, but it shouldn't have happened in the first place

                    I hate complaining...but by heck I let them know for sure.
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             week before my daughter gets married and one of her kids has the pox, cue one mega panicking bride to be .


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                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^Oh eck Jack. I'm so sorry. As I have experience of the pox plague. G son started it a few weeks ago. Then, 2 weeks later G daughter got it. Daughter was stressed as she's never had it. She became spotty a week ago. She's a Police Officer and has had to cancel the family summer holiday as she has used up all here annual leave. Sorry, I'm not helping much am I. XX

                        My rant - compost. I ordered in some bags. They are so solid that I've now broken a slab trying to bounce them around to loosen them up. Thankfully, the bottom bags were softer so getting it into the pots was much easier.
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                          So disappointed! This showed on my Yahoo mail.Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 10.40.49.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	3.7 KB
ID:	2376437

                          But when I opened the mail it was prefixed with "investors like..."
                          Riddlesdown (S Croydon)


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                            Originally posted by jackarmy View Post
                   week before my daughter gets married and one of her kids has the pox, cue one mega panicking bride to be .
                            Don't panic !! I had chicken pox (for the 2nd time) when I got married! Fortunately, I had very few pox spots on my face.
                            My rant - you can't see my "spots" in the photos - might have been an improvement.


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                              I wish it were bedtime. I'm positively exhausted (family forum word...). But there's still more work to go.
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                                Talking of chicken pox, I stumbled on this by chance.
                                Immediately arranged my shingles shot.


                                Hope you lot have long time to go before qualifying!
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