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  • Chitchat thread #24

    Time for a new thread you chatterboxes!

    Heres the previous one for you to catch up…

    "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

    Location....Normandy France

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    Afternoon all. Dropping back in again now I'm feeling a bit less hung over...

    Had quite a productive morning in the end. Weeded another bed and sowed it with broad beans and spinach as a cover crop. More usefully, I've made arrangements with a man with a JCB to come and remove some old trees for us so I can put some fruit trees in in a spot where they won't die due to flooding. Plus he'll do some road repairs for us and dig out some drainage channels for me down in the valley, so with any luck flood waters will drain quicker. So, I will be growing onions next year. And get some more chickens in. And eventually start picking home-grown fruit. I'll be dreaming of plums and greengages tonight.

    I suspect the smiles will come flying back when they hear the news. Hope you get to make the most of them meanwhile.


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      I've not had a very productive day Snoop its consisted of hair cut, shopping, visiting, housework and cooking. Apart from the hair cut I'd have rather spent the day in the garden.
      There's always tomorrow

      Location....East Midlands.


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        I’ve just finished helping OH unload 20 massive plasterboards from a trailer. Flipping ‘eck were they heavy.
        Got to somehow get them upstairs next week- I think this calls for someone way stronger than me to help.

        I would have loved to have gardened today too Bren but it’s been a fiddly sort of day and I didn’t even get to do any baking
        Oh well….there’s always another day for that - probably when it’s raining?

        Hair looks nice Bren - I particularly like that little wave on the side - that’s a bit different!

        Time for pizzas…OH is playing with the wood fire bit on the patio so I guess it won’t be long before the first one is ready!

        We’re off out very early tomorrow - stuff to do, will see you later on.
        "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

        Location....Normandy France


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          Snoop - your ever increasing growing area is lovely to hear about.
          We call our growing areas potagers here- is there a specific name for a veggie/ fruit plot in Spain?
          "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

          Location....Normandy France


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            They call them 'huertos' here (singular is a huerto), though elsewhere they're huertas. Here a huerta is a large area given over to huertos. Potagers is a lovely word.

            I have no idea what to do with all our land, to be honest. Depressing putting in trees only for them to drown. We've had cherries, plums, pistachios, walnuts... None have survived. Someone down the valley put in late-flowering almonds. Same fate. The only thing is to put in things that will grow in one year and hope for the best. Or put in vines and sell the grapes for making wine. But at our age, that seems like a waste of time and money.

            As for your day, Bren, sounds very busy and very productive to me. I've spent a few hours with a friend this afternoon. I should go round and see her more often.


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              Quite an interesting day. We picked the new (to us) car up. It is ten years newer than the old one with things like usbs to plug into everywhere and hands free for the phone. My husband was upset it had no CD Player until I stuck in a memory stick with about 1000 of our favourite songs on it. We went to the allotment and did some bits this afternoon.
              Tomorrow morning I'm taking my husband for his flu jab.


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                Mornin n’alln’all
                Quick cuppa then I’m off out - lots of ‘stuff’ to get sorted!

                Glad you like the car gf . USB’s eh? Posh! ….my car is 21 years old and has a tape player!

                The smiles dropped in here briefly yesterday - we got an email to say to pay €30 something and they will send us a temporary car registration document . Which means we are officially back to where we were last January. Which is deffo good news meaning we can finally crack on with the conversion.
                There is still more paperwork needing sorting but the fraud bit is now sorted!
                Headlights finally booked in for replacement next week!

                Enjoy your day peeps!
                "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

                Location....Normandy France


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                  Morning all
                  Weather looks promising for today so might get to try out my new wheelbarrow
                  Two weeks ago our allotments were broken into. The chap on the next door plot had a large generator, expensive Stihl saw and his petrol strimmer stolen and unfortunately the thieves piled it onto my barrow to get it all off site. That was the barrow that replaced the previous one - stolen and used for the same purpose. Our own sheds didn't suffer too much damage but a bit miffed about the barrow as I'd modified the handles to improve handling and the handle extensions are no longer available.
                  To cap it all that same day we collected a double sized load of rabbit poo. Carrying it down the plot (bag by bag), I twisted my knee and rekindled a previous torn cartilage injury. Talk about it never rains...
                  Anyway, knee feels less painful now (though I know I'll have to take it steady for quite a while) so as already said - time to road test the new barrow

                  Happy Saturdays
                  Enjoy the day
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                  Location ... Nottingham


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                    Morning all

                    Thinking about going for a 'Rockfit' session at 10.00? I might bottle it as I have a few stomach pains this morning but its on my bucket list so maybe I should just get on with it. Just google Rockfit, it looks class though I aint seen any blokes doing it? I've been told they will let me in at the Village Hall so it could be now or never!

                    After that its camper capers again, progressing with fitting out the camper van............if I can move that is!

                    My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
                    to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

                    Diversify & prosper


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                      Good news Nicos you'll finally have the camper you wanted.

                      MrBones it makes you wonder just how much is stolen or damaged on allotments its heart-breaking after all the work put in.

                      I've google Rockfit and it looks manic Sandger I read that a hour long session burns up 900 calories plus you get to listen to good music at the same time. Let us know how you get on.

                      I've sorted through my Magazine seeds and theres a few that I won't be growing so I'll be taking then across charity shop later.

                      Enjoy your day.
                      Last edited by Bren In Pots; 16-10-2021, 07:46 AM.
                      Location....East Midlands.


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                        morning campers Hi di hi !!!

                        Sorry couldn't resist ... up at sparrows wind passing this morning and did the weekly torture (Shopping) ... I said to Mrs G I hate saturdays more than I used to hate mondays when I worked .

                        Apart from that I don't plan on doing anything in particular. apart from plotting about the plot.

                        Never be afraid to try something new.
                        Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark.
                        A large group of professionals built the Titanic


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                          Morning all.

                          Hmm, Snadger, Rockfit? Go for it! Not for me though. Too noisy. I like to do exercises without music. And I like to vary what I do - core strength one day, cardio the next, then strength, then maybe just stretching the next day, so I exercise a moderate amount every single day. I vary what I do depending on how I feel and what I intend to do through the day.
                          I generally exercise early, 5.30am sort of time.

                          Win the morning, win the day!
                          Location - Leicestershire - Chisit-land
                          Endless wonder.


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                            It's cold this morning. I'm not sure but I suspect there was a bit of frost around earlier. I'm taking Mr GF for his flu jab shortly. What happens after that is weather dependent. We'll see if it warms up at all. If it stays cold maybe a trip to the garden centre before they hide the gardenning stuff and fill the place with Christmas trees, lights and decorations. If it warms up I'll go to the allotment.


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                              Morning all.

                              Rockfit looks like fun, Snadger. I'd say go for it. Mothhawk, I'm not sure I could be up and active enough to exercise at 5 am. That's real dedication.

                              Really sorry to hear about your travails, Mr Bones. Loss and injury. Can you fabricate something for the handles? Not easy, I guess.

                              But really pleased to hear your news, Nicos. Full steam ahead now.

                              As for here, I'm on garden tidying duty to get ready for the JCB man. Plus clearing a few more beds and sowing cover crops. And I've got a bit of a cooking session planned for today and tomorrow. Lots of things to use up and get in the freezer. I had a look round the caulis this morning. One that I could pick. It's quite small but perfectly formed, and it'll be one fewer when all the others reach eatable stage.

                              The smiles couldn't wait to be off today. We've got a bright start to the day but clouds were forecast, so they shot off in a hurry to make the most of the nice weather.

                              Have a good one all.


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