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World Cleanup Day 2021


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  • World Cleanup Day 2021

    Not sure if anyone is getting involved with this?

    Although there is a local group here which has arranged a ‘collective litter picking session’ I’m not happy with all the socialising aspect which goes with it….

    So I’ve decided this weekend and over the next few days to go out of my way to pick up litter as my independent contribution.
    We already do this when out in the camper, but I’m going to extend my ‘area’.
    Hopefully it’ll become more of a habit, even though I already do remove any litter I come across.

    My big event will be when we next go to the coast in the camper - so much rubbish gets washed up on beaches these days

    Hopefully the next generations are going to be more mindful …..
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    We've given up on a lot of the community stuff we do that involves socialising. It's a shame, really. The figures still aren't that great for people over 65 who are vulnerable, jabs or no jabs. Better not to get it in the first place.

    I wasn't aware of this day. Doesn't look like Spain's doing much for it. Most of the organisations involved are commercial ones. The one that's signed up in my region looks to be very inactive from its website (last post 2018).

    That said, the initiative looks like it's quite successful according to the figures given on Wikipedia. Be interesting to see how they do this year. I shall take the dogs on a very early morning walk along part of the dirt track into town, pick up the cans and other rubbish I come across. People here are careful about rubbish and litter in the village, but a lot less so when they're out in the fields.
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