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I bet it doesn't mean cheaper seeds


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  • I bet it doesn't mean cheaper seeds

    One of Britain's oldest mail order plant and seed companies could be about to change hands for up to £200m (
    Call me mr cynical, but when companies get taken over by investors, then prices invariably go up.

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    If they put their prices up by much, they'll price themselves out of the market. They're already quite expensive. Or used to be. I haven't looked at their website in a while.
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      I must say I don’t care much for them.Overpriced and very questionable quality.

      I had several germination failures from their seed. They didn’t reply to my complaint that I had a germination rate of about 5% of their beetroot. About a year later they admitted on fb that sometimes quality gets sacrificed for quantity.

      Last year they bought Suttons which I bought from several times- seeds and live plants. This year I got my plants- half of them dead and a slug in one packet.Got partial refund after slating them on Trustpilot.

      Very much hit and miss but not worth risking for the price they want.


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