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  • National allotment society

    Can anybody tell me why the national allotment society will not answer questions from ordinary members.They only listen to elected members especially when the elected members are in the wrong.They only seem to want your money then wash there hands of any wrongdoing like bullying members.

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    Not a clue, not a member sorry.


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      I'm not a member either. Not a forum mod either, but this forum isn't affiliated to them and they're not affiliated to us. So no-one here is in a position to answer your question.

      If you or someone you know is being harassed, you could consider talking to the police.

      Mods, maybe this thread could be closed as it's irrelevant to the forum?
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        Hi Rage34, as suggested, I am closing this thread. I am also not a member, nor, as Snoop says, is this forum affiliated with it. I don't think you will find the answer you are looking for here, sorry

        Snoop has however made some good suggestions - I hope your matter gets resolved

        Editted to add - looks like this has already been closed, whoops
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