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  • Snoop, I had to look up Scolopendra. EEK!!! I don't fancy meeting one of them. Care home visiting at the moment. Had the covid test, just waiting for the result before the visit. Even though the staff are really nice and the place is comfy these sort of places are in my worst nightmares.
    A real funny moment from yesterday. My sister had treated herself to a "lockdown present" of a new state of the art sewing machine. It's probably got more computing power than the space shuttle had. With her new toy she had made her new baby grandson a pair of dungarees covered in jungle animals. There is a seam down the centre front of the bib/body. We all found it very amusing where a giraffe on the left hand side was trying to stick it's head on the giraffe on the right hand side.
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    • Hi guys, not been posting much as we have been at our daughters but have been keeping up with things.
      Very warm today but think it’s storms tomorrow so that may be the last of it.
      Hope this finds you all well. Enjoy the rest of your evening. x


      • Evening

        Storms due here as well Jay looks like being all day according to the MetOffice, but we'll see the last time we only had a few mins of promised rain.

        Enjoy your evening.
        Location....East Midlands.



          I've really struggled this year, all the plants seem to be showing signs of disease of some sort. hopefully i've caught it in time and we should be alright now.

          In other news. I HAVE MY FIRST EVER RIPE FIG!!

          Im rather excited in case that didnt come across
          "Bulb: potential flower buried in Autumn, never to be seen again."
          - Henry Beard


          • We had our first ripe tomato too!!! At long last.l


            • Morning all
              Just had our first rain for weeks. Only lasted about two minutes but at least it damped down the surface.
              Took a walk up to Robin Hood Hill yesterday (fairly local to us). From there you can see Notts, Leics, Lincoln and Derbys. There's two hills, one was a Roman encampment and the other a Saxon burial mound. Just behind them is a 5,000 year old bronze age enclosed settlement. It's rare to see anyone else up there so nice and peaceful.

              Kettle's on if you want a brew
              Location ... Nottingham


              • Mornin n’alln’all

                Tomatoes and figs eh?…fantastic!

                I was chuffed to bits having a few of our furtled spuds yesterday.
                They’re not really ready to take , but I was surprised to get any yet seeing as they were planted so late.

                We’ve got lots of sploshy stuff going on here so, prompted by Snadge, we’re taking the camper out to a nearby forest.
                Obviously we can’t leave the camper but it’ll be nice to sit and read, listen to the rain and cook some supper. Maybe even take a granny nap?
                I can’t imagine there will be many nutters going out for a picnic in the rain!

                I noticed yesterday I finally have 3 tiny yellow courgette forming…finally!

                Deffo an indoors day today - thank goodness we took delivery and stacked 5 stares ( cubic metres) of wood yesterday!
                10 more to come later this week.

                Help yourselves to tea…I think I can hear Snoops smiles tapping on the window ( probably in need of a brolly )

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                "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

                Location....Normandy France


                • Mornin Bones!…you snook in there when I was in the pantry

                  I’d love a cuppa please, my kettle’s not come to the boil yet…..

                  I love ancient and prehistoric history…what a wonderful place to visit - bet you can imagine being a Roman soldier when you are there?
                  "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

                  Location....Normandy France


                  • ^^^ It's a huge burial mound, I always wonder how important or well liked the person buried there must have been.
                    Location ... Nottingham


                    • Originally posted by Nicos View Post
                      Mornin n’alln’all
                      lovely warm/ cooler breezes here.
                      The soil is lovely and moist again for weeding etc.

                      Ah Snadge….not so good at the moment.
                      The weight was misrecorded apparently when imported so we are now amidst French bureaucracy for changing the weight limit back to its official 3 tonnes from the 2.65 it was recorded at. We have to go through Toyota France and they aren’t proving to be the most efficient peeps we’ve come across
                      350 kg difference makes a vast difference to what we can do to it to complete it.

                      It’s still usable in its unfinished state but can only be insured as a van and not at its new increased value as a camper van.
                      I can see it being late Autumn before we can use it as intended.
                      Very frustrating as you can imagine…but the ‘safe’ freedom it gives us even for fairly local day outings is wonderful as you must be aware!
                      What type of camper did you have previously?
                      It was years ago when I had campers as the bairns were still nippers. I had a Commer caravette purchased for the princely sum of £70 then taken on a trip around Scotland and over to the Isle of Skye BEFORE there was a bridge. I then had a Bedford CF which went the other way to trips around the Lake District.
                      I am just in the process of looking just now, but because there is only me and the dog it doesn't need to be a huge thing as I will probably ditch the car and use it as a general runabout. I have Mercedes,Mazda's and VW's saved in my watch list at the mo. Still not sure whether to take the plunge or not yet.
                      My Majesty made for him a garden anew in order
                      to present to him vegetables and all beautiful flowers.- Offerings of Thutmose III to Amon-Ra (1500 BCE)

                      Diversify & prosper


                      • I understand there has been a lot of demand for campers recently because of holidaying in the uk and the ‘Covid safe’ situation, but I imagine there will be a lot if people who decide they don’t actually like using a camper and will sell them.
                        If that’s so, there should be plenty on the market after the summer and the prices might drop?
                        Hard to speculate. But go for it Snadge when you feel the time is right.
                        There will be more mod cons like better insulation and heating , loo/ shower combinations from what I’ve seen compared to many years ago.
                        I love exploring and researching what’s to see near wherever we decide to go…and eventually being able to go further afield and sleeping over.
                        Theres an app we use called Park4night…have a look at it.

                        Right…I best raid the freezer for our premade camper food and set off into the ‘Great Unknown’

                        Enjoy your day peeps!
                        "Nicos, Queen of Gooooogle" and... GYO's own Miss Marple

                        Location....Normandy France


                        • Morning it feel cooler here today no plans it depends if the rain comes.
                          We've always camped either in tents or like now a trailer tent but I do like campers especially the small ones.

                          Enjoy your day.
                          Location....East Midlands.


                          • Morning all, camping is not for me but I do fancy a camper van...OH says I wouldn’t last a night!!
                            Much cooler today, storms forecast but it just doesn’t feel that way if you know what I mean. Famous last words!!
                            since it’s cooler I’m going to catch up on some ironing, not my favourite task
                            Enjoy your day folks, would love a cuppa if there’s still one going bones. x


                            • Eeh, all this talk of camping and campervan holidays.

                              Went to Skye as well, Snadger, before the bridge. A camping holiday when I was very small. Still have some recollections of it. And the Lake District and Northumberland every year pretty well. Good times.

                              With Mr Snoop, we went travelling in a former ambulance used in the Yorkshire Moors, a stretch-based Range Rover. A bargain. Not many places it couldn't go, except Mr Snoop once got it stuck in a small river flowing into a lake in Greece while showing off to a friend who'd come to join us. But even that made for a good story. Here it is in eastern Turkey. When we'd finished with it, it went off to Western Sahara to be converted back to an ambulance. All that said, we used to enjoy driving it round the north-west of England, where we lived before we left the UK. Great times too. I bet you'd have a lot of fun in one, Snadger. It would make a fantastic grory hop vehicle too, so long as it wasn't so high you'd get caught out by height restrictions at car parks.

                              As for today, so far brought up water from the well again. Everything has had a good drink. The brassicas are looking jolly, as the overnight low last night in the veg patch was only just over 10 ºC. Back up again tonight. Some more brassicas to plant out and a bit of planning to do on what to put in the last remaining space. Shall I try some more last-minute French beans or just give them up as a bad job this year?

                              I'll put the kettle back on while I ponder. Help yourselves to smiles, as per, and have a great day.
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                              Location: north-east Spain, where the sun is too hot, the rain too torrential, the hail too big, the wind too windy and the snow too deep. Last frost: usually mid-April, sometimes first week in May. First frost: mid-October.


                              • Good morning all.
                                Still waiting for the rain here.
                                Doing some work in my sons garden while they are away on holiday,

                                We camped and caravand when our children were young.
                                When we were more financially stable we bought a mobile home by the sea.
                                We sold it on when the kids became adults and no longer wanted to spend time there.
                                It's a great way to spend a holiday.
                                Enjoy your day whatever you're up to.

                                And when your back stops aching,
                                And your hands begin to harden.
                                You will find yourself a partner,
                                In the glory of the garden.

                                Rudyard Kipling.sigpic


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