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    Hello, everyone, I’ve managed to login!
    This is going to sound like a real old moan! It’s good to see children on the plots, but at ours it’s kind of getting a bit out of hand, one dad and al his friends! Have built his daughter a ‘tree house’, ladders, platforms, even a bed! All attached to a beautiful (big) walnut tree, and it’s also got flags, bunting and a bench seat just for her. I mean other plots have little areas where the children dig etc, but now they are coming with bikes, little tractors etc. Us ‘oldies’ are feeling a tad fed up, and are now going up early in the morning to water etc, and enjoy the ‘peace and quiet’. None of us want to upset anyone, but are hoping maybe the allotment manager, will see it.

    are we being horrible?

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    Hi, Dorothy and welcome back. It's a slow old job getting on the vine at the moment, but we're all hoping it will be super duper whizz-bang fast when the upgrade is finished.

    I don't think you are being horrible at all. Allotments are for growing plants, not a space for toys. Why doesn't her father try to get her interested in gardening instead of pandering to childish whims? And will he hold the allotment society (presuming you have one) responsible if she falls out of the treehouse or off a a ladder and injures herself? Does your site have health and safety rules?
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      No, not horrible. I suggest you put headphones on and listen to some pleasant music and ignore. If the children wander around off their plot then different advice as allotments are dangerous places as evidenced by my hubby's many trips to A & E.


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        All the kids are usually at school,I can see why it would be different to normal (who owns the walnut tree is it on their plot,I hope it’s alright) if the dads wanting to work on the allotment & keep his children happy,he might feel he’s done well. People are stressed with the lockdown so little things can make people madder than they’d usually be. I can’t imagine a tree house being allowed with shed height restrictions.
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          Originally posted by Jungle Jane View Post
          (who owns the walnut tree is it on their plot,I hope it’s alright)
          That was going to be my question. There's a walnut tree on our local allotments which has a TPO on it. A neighbour to said allotments got into major trouble when they had it lopped to allow more streetlight onto their property. It isn't on their land and was causing no other problems.

          When I had an allotment the next one to mine belonged to a mum who allowed her children to rampage all over the other allotments, usually when the other allotmenteers weren't there.
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            Thank you all for your responses, reassuring. I did check our ‘tenancy agreement’ , but of course it doesn’t mention building of tree houses! But does say children are to be encouraged, which is right and none of us would be that grumpy to disagree, as long as well behaved etc.

            yes the walnut tree is on their plot, but I’m not even sure if they are the actual tenants’ , as they had taken over from someone else, not sure if this ever happened officially. It’s a beautiful tree, and the squirrels love it and eat all the walnuts, before they are ripe, so none for us!

            i also wondered about health and safety, if she falls, it will be into the neighbouring plot, compost bin!

            oh dear! I’ll let you you know what happens, thanks for listening


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              We had a similar thing on our site Dot, tenant bringing more and more kiddies play equipment (climbing frames, slides etc). Ultimately the Allotments Act says something like An allotment shall be used as an allotment garden and for no other purpose and goes on to say The allotment is for growing veg, fruit and some flowers for the use of the tenant and his/her family.
              The allotments act isn't a guideline it's law and as such isn't flexible. There's also the consideration of legacy rubbish. Items like play equipment can easily be left behind when an allotment changes hands, a new tenant is then lumbered with the task of removing items not supporting cultivation.
              I agree we should encourage younger gardeners and keeping kiddies occupied and safe allows parents time to tend their plot, I also feel though that it should be kept within reasonable bounds.
              Good luck with it.
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                By chance I met the ‘allotment man’ yesterday who is so ‘laid back’ you wouldn’t believe! He’s going to ‘have a look‘ at it, but that’s if he remembers! It’s now been painted a nice shade of green. All of us ‘older allomenteers’ are now going up at 8/9 o’clock in the morning to enjoy the peace and quiet


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                  Don't quote me but I thought there were height restrictions for most allotments ( is it a council owned site?)
                  I recall people have had problems with heights of polytunnels and sheds in the past... surely a tree house is going to be much higher?
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