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  • Dug out some nettles and scotch grass from under the wall.
    Clipped back the dead foliage on my lavender hedge.
    Dead headed the daffodils which have gone over already.
    Potted on some flowers plants, zinnia, nicotiana, nigella and lupins.

    And when your back stops aching,
    And your hands begin to harden.
    You will find yourself a partner,
    In the glory of the garden.

    Rudyard Kipling.sigpic


    • Mowed the lawn
      Cleaned some Asda black flower pots
      Trimmed my comfrey and started my first liquid feed for the year
      Tidied a couple of flower beds
      Turned my compost heap
      Covered my runner bean trench
      I'm only here cos I got on the wrong bus.


      • 21 strawberries planted at the allotment, first thing I've planted since I took if over last year



        • Potted up my oca tubers, as they were determined to sprout, even in the fridge.

          Dug over my vegetable patch in the garden (so much easier to dig than the allotment), and planted the remaining onion sets for spring onions, as well as sowing some radish seeds and salad leaves.


          • Transplanted some lettuce plants, sowed carrots in raised bed, sowed beetroot, kale, cabbage, cauliflower seeds in modules. Watered the poly tunnel plants, need to find some space in the garden for planting out onion seedlings.


            • Wednesday 25th March

              2.5hrs self-isolating on the allotment

              Potted up a few perennials that were getting a touch pot-bound

              Cleared area behind polytunnel beds which always becomes a jungle of brambles & nettles in the summer. Dug out roots and put down weed membrane and moved all 5 water butts there.

              Cut back last year's stems of Sedum and a few other perennials now that the overwintering insects are emerging.

              Turned compost heap
              If I'm not on the Grapevine I can usually be found here!....


              • Hoed three beds and sowed seeds
                Granny on the Game


                • Finished digging over and edging with roof tiles the half a small bed (the other half has broad beans in it) that I started a few days ago. Then I sowed a row of beetroot in it.


                  • Started cleaning my chilli tunnel. Bob made me some more big plant labels.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    • Checked the onion sets I planted a couple of weeks ago. Some just poking through - and showing pigeon damage. And a pigeon flew from a nearby tree as I was looking so covered crop with netting till a bit bigger. There seem to be more and more of the buggers in the area so may be shortage of food for them so will be trying to eat anything I plant.

                      I also planted out my main crop potatoes. The spot is crawling with couch grass so will probably need weeding twice while they are growing then hopefull clear the weed when harvested.

                      I also sowed some onion seeds, an old variety Lawrence D Hills recommended called up-to-date. I bit late but should have time to do something.


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                        • Mulched my fruit trees and some of the fruit bushes with the scrap sheep's wool I got last year.

                          Tidied and tied into a support pole the goji berry. It's a lot more upright now.

                          Coppiced the last two willow trees at the allotment (the only two I didn't dig out last year).

                          Started digging the third big bed. It hasn't been dug in years, by the looks of it. I'm having to double dig it as the sub-soil is both poor (it's bright yellow) and full of horsetail roots. Thankfully, I decided to plant all of my tender crops in that bed this year, so I don't really need it ready to plant until the beginning of May.


                          • My sister in law passed away in January and the last two months have been spent clearing her house to hand the keys back to the landlord. She loved her garden and had asked us to keep some of her plants - today I finished re-planting about 20 or so in our own garden. It’ll be nice to see them bloom over the summer; a lovely memory of her.
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                            All at once I hear your voice
                            And time just slips away
                            Bonnie Raitt


                            • Put some October sown perennial daisies in the flower bed now that they are trying to flower and I can see what colours they are likely to be. Grubbed up a few square feet of london pride to make room for some herbaceous potentillas and thrifts.
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                              • Seed sowing.
                                Dug over one of the raised beds.
                                Put manure on another bed.
                                Uncovered another 2 beds. Hopefully to dry a little more overnight. Ready for digging tomorrow.
                                Cleaning more plant labels.


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