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  • Bulb thief

    I left four plant pots with spring flower bulbs on a bench outside the greenhouse, just found one on the floor empty and a larger pot has been excavated and half the bulbs have gone. What would have eaten those? No sign of them on the ground so I guess they were eaten.

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    Tufty and his mates.


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      You got off lightly

      Grey Squirrels probably. I suspect they had two tree fulls of my plums and a tree full of Irish Peach apples.

      I watched them take and eat every flower bud on a white magnolia.

      Do you have red ones there? Are they so destructive?
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        Greys are moving into the area, not seen any yet, but will now be looking out for them. Sadly the resident Reds are under pressure.


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          I’d planted crocus bulbs next to my peas a couple of years ago,I noticed mice had been at my peas the way a load were exposed then later on I noticed some crocus bulbs come up in the lawn,where mice must’ve realised they weren’t peas on their way home to the compost bin,so your bulbs might show up in a surprise place


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            Rats with bushy tails as far as I am concerned. They dig up any tulip bulbs I plant especially in pots. I am going to protect tulips with upturned baskets or mesh this year. I could put the potted ones in the polytunnel for the winter but the mice like it in there and last year ate the crocuses.


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