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  • recipes with use of currants

    Hi everyone! My last post was connected with dishes including gooseberries. After preparation of some tasty dishes I started to think what to do with currants? I have got some red ones..I do not like them in their raw form, but maybe some dessert recipes will be good for me? What do you use them for?

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    Most of my currant recipes involve covering them in sugar then steeping them in gin.

    The other recipes use brandy.

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      Red currants?
      Hmm...I have a couple of bushes and have to say that although I save a few in the freezer for decorating a dessert , I generally bung them in with blackcurrant dishes!
      One of those plants (along with white currants) I was thinking of adding to VC's list of 'why on earth do I grow these'

      So...I 'm hoping to be wooed by some suggestions on this thread!
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        I've made redcurrant jelly (jam) and mixed them up with other fruit for jams and puddings.
        You need a lot to eat them on their own.
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          I have never tried it , but when you buy fruit tarts over here they have a fine layer of gel over the fruit.
          I wonder if you could make something out of the red currants to use in the same way?..or would they be too tart?
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