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  • Stock making

    I'm sure lots of you make your own stock. It's something I'm really enjoying making at the moment.
    Was just wondering what stocks you make, how you make them and what ingredients you use?
    I use the slow cooker to make it. Usually put it on when I'm cooking tea then leave it on overnight. In the morning separate the juice and reduce it.

    Got version stock on the go at the moment. Ingredients venison bones, onions, veg, herbs, salt, pepper & water
    In the past I've made lamb, chicken, turkey and goose.

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    Tends to be run of the mill chicken stock

    Again using the slow cooker, but trying to do it on a sunny day to use solar panels
    Same ingredients
    Watching some of these cook shows, you just add any "sound waste veg"
    But then again, not go to the point where I keep a "stock pot veg bucket" yet.


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      I keep the water after cooking vegetables.


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        I tend to simmer most bones (and fish) -apart from pork which always seems tasteless.
        Once reduced I freeze the basic'stock'... then add herbs and spices when I come to use it.
        Do you find the flavour of the herbs etc diffuse into the liquid better whilst frozen ?
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          I do a veg stock - souper mix taken from river cottage handbook no.2 (preserves) keeps for 6 months 2tsp to 500ml of water. Veg and herbs can be changed to suit as long as they are tasty.

          Recipe (3 x 340g jars):
          250g leek
          200g fennel
          200g carrot
          250g celeriac
          50g sun dried toms
          2-3 cloves garlic
          100g parsley
          100g coriander
          250g salt

          Blitz raw ingredients and store in sterilised jars
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            Mine is usually chicken ( though I’ll use what ever bones I have!) and i’ll chuck in anything that’s looking past it’s best! Usually celery, onions and carrots, a few peppercorns, bay leaves and any herbs I’ve got - usually parsley.


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              Same as everyone else has already said plus I often use the water from boiling new potatoes. Also use pea pods (go really well with the spud water) and when pea plants have finished you find those dried peas that you missed, they go in too.


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