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  • Pukkolla

    This is my all time favourite, as mentioned in the chit thread on favourite cereals, provided I've remembered to make it the night before. Very very good indeed.....

    In case anyone is interested in giving it a go, I have cut and pasted the info and recipe below from,00.html

    Recipe courtesy Jamie Oliver
    Show:* The Naked Chef
    Episode:* Girls Girls Girls

    Pukkolla is my name for this outrageously scrumptious concoction. It?s one of the best things you can have for breakfast as it?s got everything you need to kickstart your day. Basically it?s a bastardized, personally composed, museli.

    Composed cereal (recipe follows)
    Milk to cover
    1 Granny Smith apple, washed, unpeeled, cut in half

    I would definitely try to make this the night or day before you want to eat it, although it can be made at the time (although you won?t get the smooth silky scrumptious texture that the milk gives it overnight). I normally place double the amount of composed cereal I need (ie. 4 portions for 2 people) into a bowl. Doubling up like this gives you enough to eat for the next couple of days. Cover with milk, grate in half an apple per person and stir immediately to stop the apple discoloring. Place in the refrigerator.

    Composed Cereal:
    8 large handfuls organic Scottish porridge oats
    2 large handfuls ground bran
    1 large handfuls chopped dried apricots
    1 handful chopped dried dates
    1 handful crumbled walnuts
    1 handful smashed or chopped almonds, hazelnuts or Brazil nuts

    Add porridge oats and bran to a large plastic container with apricots and dates. Crumble in walnuts and add chosen nuts (I usually bash them in a tea towel). At this point feel free to improvise, adding any other preferred dried fruits like raisins, sultanas, strawberries or figs, but personally I think the above combination works pretty well. This will keep for a good couple of months very happily in an airtight container, but you?ll have eaten it by then, I guarantee. The great thing about it is that you can adjust it to your own preference, but I would suggest you stick to the basic dried ingredients that I use as they work so well together. It?s very handy to have a large plastic airtight container to store your composed Pukkolla in, so try and get a hold of one.

    Oh, and I also like porridge with maple syrup, yum
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    I love pukolla too Muckdiva - very scrummy and very filling! Yum!
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      Sounds wonderful Muckdiva! Is it wheat-free too - not sure about the bran?

      Am getting hungry now

      Squash Muppet


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        I would think you could use oat bran, or something else wheat free as a substitute.. necessity is the mother invention as they say!
        All at once I hear your voice
        And time just slips away
        Bonnie Raitt


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