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yoghurt not thick enough!!


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  • yoghurt not thick enough!!

    I've been making yogurt and started off with that Easiyo yogurt kit. Initially i used their packet yoghurts but have just started making my own from scratch. I use full fat milk, sterilise it, then cool to 110 degrees, add a couple of tablespoons of natural yoghurt and then put it in the thermos.

    When its ready it tastes fantastic - really creamy and not as sour as teh packet stuff, but the problem is that it only has teh consistency of single cream and after something thicker.

    I've tried adding powered milk ( 6 - 8 tablespoons) but this hasn't made much difference. What am i doing wrong? How do i get it thicker? Do i need to put in more yoghurt as a starter culture?

    Asni said i love the taste of it - just want it thicker so any advice would be gratefull received!!!!!!!

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    Use UHT semi-skimmed milk - not full fat milk.



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      Forgot to mention:

      Also, add 1 tbsp of full cream powdered milk.


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        I strain mine through muslin. It makes the very thick Greek-style yoghourt.



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          I make lovely thick creamy yogurt. 1 pint full fat UHT, table spoon of previous batch of yogurt and tablespoon powdered milk. Mine sits for 8 hrs in my yogurt maker. I'm wondering if you are letting yours sit for long enough?
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            i let mine sit for ages - certainly 8 hrs +. just been reading another thread about the benefits of UHT and how the heat treatment helps the yogurt bind - so I guess i try UHT next time.


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              If you're using the Easiyo it's probably best explained like this:

              Flask contains boiling water. The 1 litre container contains COLD milk/whatever + culture. The action of the BOILING water on the COLD milk in the flask creates an ambient temperature of around 46 - 50 degrees C - which is the optimal temperature for yogurt to incubate.

              If you let it sit for 8 hours + and it is still runny after this amount of time then it means either:

              your milk + culture was too warm to start with at 110 degrees. (The boiling water in the flask will have roasted it). It needs to be cold milk (i.e. whether it's UHT or boiled and then cooled fresh/pasteurised milk).

              OR...the milk proteins in the full fat milk you were using (UHT or fresh?) weren't broken down enough by heating. The lactic acid cultures need to be able to bind with the milk proteins to form lactic acid which is why you need to boil it first to break down the fat molecules.


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