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Help with turkey crown


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  • Help with turkey crown

    Can anyone tell me how to cook a turkey crown, but still keep bit moist, as I will be doing the cooking this year I would like to be able to present OH with a nice bit of tasteful, moist turkey, so, my thanks advance
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    Sorry, I love cooking, would like to help but don't like turkey. I presume you are still on "hero of the hour" duty.


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      Buy a roast in a bag bag - works OK for chicken


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        Separate some of the easily accessible skin from meat by twiddling your fingers in between then pack the cavities with butter.
        Wrap in foil or do the roast bag trick.

        If you like crispy skin then re o pie any coverings for 10 minutes or more.
        Once cooked leave aside to cool down. It gets more tender once removed from top he oven

        Good luck…however it comes out, it’ll still be yummy

        (hot gravy will be your best friend)
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          You can't go wrong with Mary Berry.....
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            Another vote for the Mary Berry recipe - very tasty, and results in a moist turkey.
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