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No added sugar-lower fat Mincemeat recipe ideal for diabetics


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  • No added sugar-lower fat Mincemeat recipe ideal for diabetics

    Here's my recipe for mincemeat that I use for my diabetic Mum. I usually put some grated apple in the pastry case before I put the mincemeat in. It makes a less rich but just as good mince pie. I make a big batch and freeze in tubs and just take it out as I need.
    I suppose if you do want it sweeter for non diabetics you could add some sugar (say 250-500g)and even normal marmelade. Either way is good. Hope you like it!

    3 unwaxed lemons
    900g cooking/bramley apples
    450g seedless raisins
    450g currants
    80g chopped dried apricots
    80g blanched and chopped almonds
    100g shredded beef or vegetable suet
    60g mixed peel
    2 tbsp naturally sweetened orange marmelade
    450ml brandy
    1tbsp natural almond extract

    1. simmer lemon from cold in water till very soft.
    2.Core apples and make a shallow cut round each (in the middle) and bake for approx. 45 mins (until soft) then cool. Once cool scoop out the flesh into a casserole or a slow cooker.
    3.Drain lemons. Cut in half and scoop out the inside without taking too much pith. Remove pips and scrape out and discard any extra pith on the shells if you don't like too much bitterness. Finely slice and chop the lemon shells/rinds. Add the juicy pulp and chopped peel to the apple flesh and beat together.
    4.Stir in the remaining ingredients and 1/2 the brandy. Cover with lid and leave to infuse for 12 hrs.
    5. Cook mincemeat for 3hrs at 110 degrees celcius or on medium in a slow cooker for several hours, stirring occasionally to coat in the fat.
    6.Let it cool and add the remaining brandy and mix well.
    7. Put into tubs and freeze or use straight away. It should keep at least a week in the fridge.

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    Thanks for recipe. Can't wait to make a batch.
    Drooling already.



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      brilliant .. my diabetic friend will love it
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        Nice. I will try that this evening...
        Sugar-Free Food


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          It sounds delicious but isn't the sugar in dried fruit concentrated?


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