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Cooking with beans


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  • Cooking with beans

    Just a little tip,

    when cooking with beans, only season with salt when they are pretty much cooked through otherwise they will never go all soft and buttery. Salt hardens them up somewhat if added early.

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    Do people still add salt to their food? I thought it was banned
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      It took me years to get my family used to a low salt diet...and then my OH went and did a Cook Off competition - and now he goes on about 'seasoning 'the food better with salt!!!!

      ( did you hear that info on the Spanish food program Piglet?? - we are thoroughly enjoying it!)
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        I use a pinch of salt in my veg, it does bring out the flavour even more. The problem as I see it is with processed food and the humungous amount of salt added that we don't necessarily realise is there and definitely don't need. A very small amount of salt is needed in our diet but as with everything, not to excess and needs to be used wisely. And there endeth my tuppenth!!

        And PW - yes, my beans do tend to be a bit crunchy!
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          I did Nicos, but must admit to already knowing that fact. We use beans a lot all year round.

          If you notice all of the tv chefs seasoning their food, its cos it is all fresh and therefore does not have any salt in it. Also sea salt looks to be more than it actually is when compared to table salt which we never use. Procesed food is already seasoned so will not need more adding.


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            Just steam my beans without any salt, actually prefer them that way.

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              I saw that programme too. Those two annoyed me when they did their programme from the UK, but I was less annoyed by them in Spain.

              We only use sea salt flakes at home.
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                Sea salt or table salt, the amount of sodium in it is the same and its the sodium in 'common salt' that can cause health problems.

                Try weighing out 6g of salt (maximium recommended daily allowance), its about a teaspoonful. Then look at how much salt is in the processed food you eat - bread is surprisingly high I always think.
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                  what to do ?

                  hi i am new to the site and a first time veg grower, one of my sucessess so far ( with lots more i hope !!! ) is broad beans, watch this all the slugs will eat them tonight now i've said that !!

                  my question is what on earth do i do with broad beans ? i am no Delia !



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