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Pancake Day!!


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  • Pancake Day!!

    I've just realised that today is pancake day!!!
    What mix do you use???

    I use 3 oz plain flour
    2 eggs
    pinch salt
    and 1/2 pt milk

    and sunflower oil ( out of stock in my cupboard- what do others use to fry??)

    Lemon juice and sugar are my favourite

    But I will do some stuffed ( rolled around) some veg too.
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    I just use
    2 eggs,
    and some

    But when it comes to toppings, Golden Syrup is the bestest
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      I'm like Scarey - couple of eggs, then add flour & milk til it seems about right!
      And I'll fight you for the 'Tate & Lyle's' Scarey


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        Originally posted by scarey55 View Post
        I just use

        But when it comes to toppings, Golden Syrup is the bestest
        i'm with you on that one, although lemon & sugar comes in a close 2nd
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          I make two batches. First lot have chilli rolled up in them, then the sweet ones. I prefer simple sugar and lemon juice, LadyWayne has other stuff.

          Batter mix:

          3 eggs
          1/2 pint milk
          3 and a bit ounces plain flour
          Good pinch of salt
          Lots of whisking
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            i do 8oz plain flour, 2 eggs, 1 pint milk
            that makes 8 pancakes in a large frying pan - i have a ladel that's just the right size
            i always fry in lard - tried sunflower oil / butter etc but lard is so much better - nothing comes close to lard

            me and my boy love lemon and sugar - we sometimes have ice cream if we've got any in, but why have ice cream or golden syrup etc when we love the lemon and sugar?


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              One thing I cannot make is batter - pancakes or yorkshires! But OH will have a good go, and I'm in the lemon juice and sugar brigade!! Mind you, I love crepes with mushroom in cream sauce, yummy!!
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                Mother saw a program where the cook used pineapple as a filling for the pancake, the closest she could get was pineapple jam so every year for the last 40 odd years we always have pineapple jam.


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                  For those of us whose pancakes are very often not perfect ie not round or torn - why not try Kaiserschmarren - translates as Emperor's Mess?

                  Its basically a shredded, torn, sliced pancake topped with fruit puree and dried fruit such as raisins, currants, sultanas. Many recipes available on web.

                  Will hide a multiude of cooking imperfections!


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                    We make a variety of pancakes, thick ones to be eaten with butter and maple syrup (like the Americans have for brekkies) and thin ones to enjoy with sugar and lemon. Golden syrup is reserved for drop scones (Scotch pancakes).

                    Another nice idea with thin pancakes is stewed apples and sultanas dolloped on the pancake then folded into quarters and served with cream or ice cream
                    Happy Gardening,


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                      Don't care whats in um as long as theres loads of um
                      I'd rather regret the things i've done than regret not doing them at all.


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                        Starting with savory - Bacon, mushroom and leek in a cheese sauce, Topped with more cheese and grilled.
                        followed by traditional Lemon juice and sugar
                        Must say hope everyones using free-range eggs!


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                          Happy Pancake Day

                          I just buy them pk mix cook in frying pan, canít toss em cos I loose em.
                          and cover them in loads of chocolate & fresh cream
                          also some with sugar & lemon juice yummmmmmmmmmmm
                          Smile and the world smiles with you


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                            ham and cheese and mushroom followed by lemon and sugar and billberry jam

                            3 eggs
                            some flour
                            some milk
                            fried with butter
                            Yo an' Bob
                            Walk lightly on the earth
                            take only what you need
                            give all you can
                            and your produce will be bountifull


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                              Savory is the same recipe my Mum used:
                              1 tin Corned Beef
                              1-2 tins baked beans
                              1-2 tins mixed veg (must be the one with swede in it!)
                              I know it sounds odd, but it really is lovely!
                              Pudding are either lemon and sugar or maple syrup and cream/ice cream.


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