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cheese and onion pasties


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  • cheese and onion pasties

    does anyone have any recipes for cheese and onion pasties. tried and tested would be good
    my plot march 2013

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    Not pasties exactly, but I make a wicked cheese and onion pie. Shortcrust pastry. Part boil potatoes until still firm (either slice or dice when cool enough to handle). Layer in the pastry with finely chopped raw onion, grated strong cheddar and plenty of black pepper. Put the lid on and cook in a hot oven (gas mark 6) till browned. Tastes good hot or cold. The same recipe could be used for pasties, but the potato would be better diced.


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      Speaking of Black Pepper, did anyone see Jamie put black pepper in that Italian's mince pies? We laughed till we cried ...
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        I make cheese,onion and tomato pie which,I am sure would make good pasties.Just grated cheese,finely chopped onion and sliced toms.Add a good grinding of black pepper and a pinch of salt and seal inside shortcrust pastry.Cook in a good oven for about 10mins. then lower the heat to cook onions etc.


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