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  • Jims cupa soup

    Ramble on.

    Many years ago Preston had a wonderful Victorian swimming baths with two pools.
    It was called Saul Street Baths. Developers demolished it along with an iconic pub building called the Port Admiral see
    Port Admiral, Preston - another lost pub
    Don't think this would be allowed today.
    Anyway as a spindly youth I used to frequent the place for a swim.
    In the bowels of the building was a cafe. The cheapest item was a cup of OXO which me and my mates used to partake of.

    As a side they used to cover the bath with a wooden floor and call it the Quens Hall. As I recall they built a wrestling ring and had tag matches. One name I remember is Billy Two Rivers who had Mohecan hair style and did a weird dance when annoyed. I was amazed to see old ladies battering the wrestkers with their brollies, but that might have been a setup.

    Anyway I digress, back to the cupa soup.
    In homage to my old OXO drink I add my current recipe, not sure how healthy it is.
    One chicken stock cube
    A handful of crushed egg noodles.
    A small pinch of pepper
    A small pinch of mixed dried herbs
    A dash of Worstershire sauce.
    Add boiling water and leave till the noodles sink.

    Enjoy, well I like it !

    Ramble off.

    Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!

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    Enjoyed reading that, Jimmy. I was a terrible swimmer as a child and hardly ever went to our local baths. Can't get OXO cubes here, but I occasionally get given a jar of miso by friends who come visiting from big cities. What you do with your cubes isn't far off what I do with my miso. I love it. But it's a hefty dose of salt. Not sure if that's also true of OXO cubes. If it is, don't overdo it. Don't want to be a party pooper, just want to make sure you keep posting here.
    Living in north-east Spain, where the sun is too hot, the rain too torrential, the hail too big, the wind too windy and the snow too deep.


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      I also remember that the corrider to the cafe ran along the side of the pool and there were viewing windows into the underwater of the pool.
      Me and my mates used to oggle at the girls as they swam past.

      Naugthy I guess but we were teenagers!

      Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!


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        I do this too, but add grated carrot, kale, spinach and ham or chicken


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