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  • Greengages?

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    Are these greengages? They’re about the size of gobstoppers. They were falling off the tree so I thought I might as well harvest them... can anyone recommend a simple jam recipe that I could attempt?

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    Lots of different sorts of green when ripe plums are called gages bit hard to guess the variety from a photo but as long as they taste good it makes not much difference.
    As for making jam, I'd put a bit of sugar with them and heat v slowly in a pan until near to frothing then turn down the heat - you don't want to burn them. Put a little in a saucer to cool - you can always add more sugar and repeat if its too runny. Its a compromise between how long you want stuff to keep before going moldy and how much sugar you use - you can always freeze some and make jam a jar or so at a time.


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      Yes, they look just like greengages to me. I don't make jam with them. I eat them fresh. I just love them.

      My favourite fruit ever. Not easy to find in the UK nowadays in the shops, I understand, so lucky you.

      Someone will come along later with a recipe for you. Meanwhile, if they give a bit when you squeeze them gently, you'll probably find them ready to eat. Gorgeous perfume.

      Edited: nickdub got in with the recipe before I posted. Still worth trying fresh if you think they're ripe.
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        The hardest/most monotonous bit will be stoning them....
        Marguerite Patten Recipe

        450g greengages (after they've been stoned)
        1tablespoon of water if really ripe, rising up to 4tablespoons if not very ripe at all...
        450g granulated sugar.

        Put fruit into a large pan, with the water and simmer gently until a soft pulp.
        Add the sugar and stir over a low heat until dissolved.
        Raise the heat and stir until setting point is reached (test a little on a cold saucer - but usually at 105c (220F) if you have a thermometer)
        Spoon into sterilised jars and seal down.


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          Originally posted by Snoop Puss View Post
          Still worth trying fresh if you think they're ripe.
          They’re delicious I’ve eaten quite a few already, Snoop, but there’s 1.6kg there, and they’re ripe, so they won’t keep long.


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