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  • Dry storage

    What is the best thing to put in with carrots to dry store them? Dry soil? Sawdust? Sand? Anything else?

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    Damp sand is best.

    If you use anything dry it will desicate them.

    Soil could have pests & disease present, sawdust would start to "compost" so Sand is best as it's inert & easier to steralise year after year.

    You can also store root veg in a clamp (search the vine as it was discussed earlier I think it was either Snadger or DDL)
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      It was snadger! I asked what a clamp was! now I know! DDL
      Bernie aka DDL

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        Originally posted by dexterdoglancashire View Post
        It was snadger! I asked what a clamp was! now I know! DDL
        Which is more than I did!Lol

        Toyed with idea of clamping beetroot as I am running out of space in shed!
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          Gee - wish I had gotten something to store!!! First year veggie growing and we ate anything that didn't get eaten by the bugs!! Next year I will take more precautions. Don't have any idea what ate them - no sign of critters that I could see anywhere - just the leaves all disappeared overnight!

          Been fun learning though. The spuds were good - even if the leaves got eaten eventually!!! Will grow more of them next year!

          Tomatoes also successful and now have chilis ripening - they look like being the only thing I get to store for the winter!
          Happy Gardening,


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            Thank you!!!!


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