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Top Tips On How To Save/Store Your Chillies.


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  • Top Tips On How To Save/Store Your Chillies.

    I've had a quick look on other threads and I've not been able to find any that is just for Tips on how to save/store our chillies, there's lots of tips scattered about, but none at hand where novice/experienced chili growers can use as an everyday reference, so I thought I'd invent one.
    So if you have any hints or tips to share, please feel free to join in, thanks.

    My tip is:- When you have a glut of chillies, chop them up, pop them in an ice tray, cover them with water and freeze, when you need some ready chopped up chili for cooking, nip into the freezer, get a chili ice cube out, pop it in what ever your cooking. Simple.
    Plus no chili on your hands.
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    I get a needle and thread and string loads of them together to make Ristras and hang them in the airing cupboard to dry out. After that you can do what you like with them. Pluck one off when you need it, rehydrate it, pound it in a mortar & pestle, or blitz it in a grinder.
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      I'm with Hotstuff on this one, except I don't have an airing cupboard. Mine are hung on the kitchen curtain track and will dry out gradually.


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        My favourite tip, although I can't remember who came up with it (sorry for not giving credit) is just chuck them in the freezer. Whole. No blanching, no chopping

        And apparently, when you do need one, frozen chillis are easier to chop than fresh ones!


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          I love them just chopped up and put in a jar with vinegar. can put them in all sort of dishes, or on top of burgers, pizzas, sarnies etc... or just eaten out the jar...yumm!


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