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  • Spring Onion Glut

    I have a fantastic row of Spring Onions that are just getting bigger and bigger. There's no way we could eat them all even if we have salads and duck pancakes all for the next fortnight - does anyone know of a way of preserving them (can we cook them and freeze them?) and is it possible to use them in recipes in place of ordinary onions - or if I just leave them to get bigger still do they turn into ordinary onions?

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    Use thinnings for spring onions, and leave the rest to form bulbs like "normal" onions. What variety are they? Some of my Lisbon have made bulbs, and I'm going to dry them and use as ordinary onions.


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      You can freeze raw or cooked, probably better chopped than whole.
      They can stay in the ground without spoiling, they'll just get bigger and bigger, I'd just leave them!


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        You could pickle them
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          I expect they would freeze as well as my hundred weight of chives has. Just chop or slice, bag them up and freeze them. They are brilliant added to dishes straight from the freezer as they defrost virtually instantly... and your freezer will smell gorgeously oniony every time you open it
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            Spring onion soup has that nice distinctive spring onion flavour.

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              Spring Onion & Potato Soup

              Originally posted by Alice View Post
              Spring onion soup has that nice distinctive spring onion flavour.
              I've just made this one:

              50g butter
              1 large bulb onion, chopped finely
              300g spring onions, chopped finely
              450g potato, diced
              1200ml stock
              Tom Yum paste (I love it, really spicy, but it's optional)

              Saute the onions in the butter for 10 mins. Add rest of ingredients & simmer until potato is soft.
              Blitz with a blender

              Add single cream/lemon juice if liked
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                Brush them with a little oil and throw them on the BBQ/griddle pan until they're a bit soft and stripy. Really gorgeous.

                They're also lovely in risotto.
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