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    Hi all, we made some lovely gooseberry jam in the microwave last week and I found it a lot easier than the pan method for smaller amounts. Does anyone have any microwave jame recipes, especially for rhubarb? Time wise it really made a difference.

    Fingers crossed x

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    my mum does her raspberry jam in the microwave and swears by it! and my daughter adores it! sorry can't help with rhubarb recipe. 400g of rasps, 400g sugar, 5 mins rasps cooked on own, another 5 mins with rasps with sugar, and another 5 mins to boil them up together! 5, 5 and what my mum calls it!
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      That sounds fab! So easy!!! Hopefully we'll get some more recipes to add to the collection too. Don't have enough resps at the moment buy will have a go when I do. Thanks again deezyd.


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        I have used the microwave to pre-cook lemon peel for marmalade. It never gets quite as soft as cooked the traditional way, so I don't plan on trying that again. Can't remember the timing, but I followed the instructions in some recipe book I had at the time.
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          I'm sure I've got a book somewhere for microwave jam recipes, published by Foulsham I think.



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            No Rhubarb recipes but do have this one for microwave strawberry. Not tried it myself though -

            4oz peeled chopped apples; 1.5 lbs strawbs; 1.5 lbs granulated sugar.

            Place apples in large bowl, cover & cook on high for 5 mins.
            Remove cover & mash the apples.
            Add strawbs, stir, cook on high 5 mins.
            Stir & mash fruit. Cook on high 10 mins.
            Add sugar - stir to dissolve.
            Cook 2 mins on high, remove any scum.
            cook for 3 mins & test for a set.
            Continue cooking for 1 minute and testing in the intervals, until setting point is reached.
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