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    Hi Everyone

    I have still got lots of peppers (bell peppers but quite small) but they are all still green, anyone got any ideas what I can make with them or should I just persevere and wait until they turn red? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi Jo and welcome to the Vine! Do feel free to ask any questions you may have - there are lots of very friendly "Grapes" here with a wealth of knowledge, tips and hints!
    I've actually taken all my peppers off my plants (all two of them! - plants, not peppers!) and they were green. No problem though 'coz I use them all the time in my cooking.
    Having read Dr Hessayons The veg & herb expert - it says to cut the peppers when green and then they will turn red in about 3 weeks under glass - mine have never lasted that long!
    Hope that answers your question! DDL
    Bernie aka DDL

    Appreciate the little things in life because one day you will realise they are the big things


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      It all depends what type they are. Stuffed peppers (savoury rice), lengthways split grilled with cheese and breadcrumbs, if they have any heat then green pepper jelly (apple jelly), but you do need to know what they are.


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        I would throw them in a stir fry with some garlic, ginger, onion, thinly sliced sirlion steak, dark soy sauce and oyster sauce. Lovely!


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          Thanks all of you for your help, I will cut them all of the plants tonight. Lesley Jay the stir fry sounds gorgeous I will definitely be giving that a go!


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