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    Originally posted by nickdub View Post
    You're very welcome Bren. For those who are having trouble imagining what this jam is like, just think of the apple sauce which people sometimes eat with roast pork.
    Yes, but would you eat it on bread? It doesn't feel right to me, but with a glut of apples we have to try something.


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      Yes Mark I would. A bit of really fresh bread, some butter, then the apple jam v tasty. BTW for those of you how would rather not eat surplus apples as jam you can pulp them down with a little sugar, freeze them and use them in dishes like a sweet curry or a pork mince something-or-other

      PS Mrs Nick peeling another carrier bag full of fallers as I write - mostly Suntan.
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        Apple and ginger jam is good too - only reason I didn’t make any this year is that my recipe does 10lb at a time and I have enough in the cupboard to see us through the next 12 months!


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          Not jam ....but if you have an excess of apples then remember, the Dutch have appelmoes served along various meats and veggies and spuds/ chips.
          Basically apple sauce but puréed...delish!

          ( There are some interesting alternative apple recipes on there too!)
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