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  • Vinegar?

    I've got about a bottle of wine that is way past it's best and I was thinking of turning it into Vinegar. Does anyone know how I go about this?
    Thanks in anticipation.
    Last edited by CarolineSonning; 11-07-2006, 10:43 AM.

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    I can turn it into water
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      You're mad Nick, and that's why we love you. Bet you can turn it into water- alcohol is the best diuretic in the world. It should be on prescription. To digress, my brother in law recently had a heart atack and his doctor advised him to drink A LITTLE red wine every day. My brother in law said he did not like red wine (true) and his doctor (who had had it) said "Well just chuck it down your throat and call it medicine". Now there's an approach!
      Carolyn, I don't think you can turn your old wine back into vinegar. Vinegar ( vin aigre - sour wine) is what it was before it matured into wine so there's no going back. You can decide if it's OK for cooking or just get rid of it. Maybe sombody out there knows something different.

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        Caroline there are instructions for making vinegar out of old wine here.


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          Excellent. Many thanks Lesley.


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            Alice, regret you are wrong, wine turns into vinegar, the alcohol is oxidised into acetic acid. (JD, B.Sc. (Hons) Chemistry)

            Making vinegar at home is something I've considered but is not very easy and certainly not economic on a small scale.

            More fun, I have found, is to make your own flavoured vinegars using a shop bought white wine or cider vinegar as a base. Raspberries and tarragon (separately, doh!) work well, I'd be interested in anyone else's successes.


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              Alice - never thought of my daily glass of wine as a medicine - that's brill! It's going to be my excuse from now on! dexterdog
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