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    Not had to get secondary heating out yet,(left beside low rad in back room) but now that the house is nearing completion, will have to move it to attic "Man Den", but no heating up there, so continue to try and locate an old fridge to make a Beer Fermenter. It uses a 20Watt Tube Heater, and a Temperature Controller to switch on and off the Fridge or heater.

    Controller can also be used to control the heated for a propagator, so thought is to get a second sensor for starting the spring seeds for chilli and tomatoes


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      Started on the Mild at the weekend. 1st couple glasses were nice, but then it stopped pouring. Gassed up the Keg, and it went flat again. Looks like there is a leak at the injector . Topped off with standard top until I can investigate, and re-primed with more sugar.
      Fingers grossed


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        There was a problem with that injector. The backing nut was loose. Took it apart and left it in cleaning solution overnight. The injector pin rusted away. Lucky for me, Tesco were still selling off their last beer equipment and go a heavily discounted replacement

        Ended up just bottling beers lying around and re-priming the bottles.

        So now have just finished the spring clean of all the bottled beers / Cider. Dregs of old brews hogging up my skittles (PET Bottles)

        Still a couple bottles of Ginger Ale in the Byre, but makes a good (if not potent) mixer for the whisky.

        Onto new Season Ale.


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