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    Been a while since I cut the Grass - 4 weeks or so, so had to pop round the Allotment, Drying greens and track leading up to Butt and Ben with the lawnmower... 1.5 hrs latter, thought a quick pint of home brew.

    Now I had been having trouble with this batch, but after Friday night and opening 6 bottles without issue, tonight took me by surprise.

    Popped off the crown cap and Gush. Beer on the counter, beer on the floor, beer everywhere else that it could get to. Ended up with a qtr pint brew, and a very big frothy head.

    Next pint was fine.

    The only thing I've done different was to use cooper carbonation drops. Usually just measure out 100g of sugar and mix before bottling.

    Just goes to show you the variation in these sugar drops.
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    Art not science innit...
    1574 gin and tonics please Monica, large ones.


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      Never done bottle conditioning, always used a barrel(sadly a plastic one though).


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        what kits do you use 4shoes ? i just use the wilko ones atm but have used some more exspensive 2 tin kits in the past ,i dont use those drops as i cant get them in the bottles i use lol ,homebrew can be abit hit and miss sometimes ive had livley and flater bottles from the same batch in the past
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          I've been using barrels for session ale, and bottles for the Stronger Stuff/Special Brews

          It is a Woodfordes Admirals Reserve (On special offer at Wilco just now) that is a bit gushing. 5.5%, Very nice and drinkable at 32pints. It was originally sold as a 40 pint kit (4 - 4.5%) so could be another session ale going forward. It is a toucan.

          Started a Festival Spiced Winter Ale (6%) (Toucan) and a Brewfern Framboise (Rasps - one can) again 5.5. Will bottle the Raspberry, and plan to bottle 50% and keg the rest of Festival Ale .

          Session Ales have been single can Mild, IPA and Yorkshire Bitters. Sugar has been a bit hit and miss, so sometimes add 50% Malt Extract or Beer Enhancer.. By the time you do that and if Wilko have a special, I opt for Woodfordes Toucans.


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            i got a barrel too thought it would be great to pop in the shed over the summer and anythings better than washing up 30 bottles everytime i want to make a batch but i had loads of probs with it holding the pressure and it kept leaking at from the tap at the bottom rather disapointed with it over all ,i even tried using vasaline as a sealent but that didnt hold it either ,cheers
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              I have "Economy Barrels" with 2" Caps a. I swapped the Taps for "Black Water Butt Taps". The Type with a Connector for the Hose Pipe. These have a larger flange. Stops the washer squeezing / popping out. Use an emery board / file to smooth the top 2" opening seam, Run ringer round rim to check for bumps. Vaseline the washers, and screw on just finger tight.

              Fill barrel, then put a piece of masking tape on side of barrel to mark beer tide. If it is keeping pressure the tide will recede and there will be a visible gap between beer level and the tape in a couple of days. Tighten a bit more if not holding pressure. Only a fraction. If you tighten too much washer will warp.

              There are youtube videos on "how to stop leaks"


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                For pressurised ale our old syndicate used to use spheres as they were designed to have a Co2 cartridge attached, don't know if they are still around now though. My barrel has a pressure release "valve"(a rubber band), so pressure and leaks is not something I have a problem with.
                Woodfordes ales are very nice, when visiting family in Norfolk I popped into the brewery shop or got some from Roy's in Wroxham, not had any for a while now.


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                  I recall brewing my own and the plastic Barrel splitting and the beer flooding my Mums kitchen she was not best pleased and neither were the old man and I as the first batch had been smashing. Beer making got relegated to the shed and we were never allowed to use the larder again.
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                    Googled Beer Sphere - result was the Hambleton Bard Beer Sphere - Now discontinued. they are still available on eBay, and should still be able to get all the bits. Looks to be a well made quality barrel. If this is the keg, it looks similar to a RotoKeg with a top tap. It is just out of my price range. I got both my barrels (when Tesco stopped doing beer kits) for the cost of a Rotokeg - hence the lower quality finish and care needed to prepare the barrel when I first used them. Also the need to seal it up each time. I fitted gas Injectors for the emergency. Most times I can get to bottom. But if the barrel was not sealed properly and I have to inject CO2, the Barrel will whistle (or should I say scream).

                    The top tap on the Spear would be good for dry hopping in the barrel. I get round this by starting my 1st brew in the Primary Fermenter say 7 days. Dry Hop for 5 days, then Syphon into secondary fermenter (with Air Lock), then let it settle for a few days. Then bottle / keg. Approx 20 days. This gives a nice clear beer you can drink straight from bottles without drinking it through your teeth.


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                      Aye Cadalot, beer can be unpredictable. I made a case in the 80's that had to be moved to the shed. Exploding bottles. Hadn't let it ferment out properly. Don't think that was the problem with the Admiral. :0
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                        Just found a Can of Geordie Mild - BBE August 2017. Must have been an old can on the shelf when I stocked up early this year. Now in the Bin (Fermenter), so just have to hope that the Yeast is fresh enough.

                        Will know in a day or so.


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                          There was life left in that old can. Fermenting out over the top of the bucket. All good.


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                            Working on Beer tonight.
                            Festival Spiced Winter Ale has been conditioning in the Keg for over a week. I was concerned that the tide line had not gone down that much, but a wee sample tonight confirmed that it has been carbonating fine, the pressure is keeping and the spicy taste is coming through.

                            The Mild that I started on the 1st has fermented out at 1002. It is a true 40 pints giving a 4.2% Alcohol content. (I often find I'm a good 2 pints or so out when I bottle). It is now in beer keg 2. The Take is on the side to verify pressure, and I will sample next week.

                            The Raspberry beer was bottled just over a week ago. It is coming along slowly. Going to take time to carbonate up. It is in a cooler room, but tasted - well - raspberry is developing nicely. Next year I'm going to look at how to make Raspberry or Strawberry beer.

                            I made Strawberry Vodka early in the season. Found the Freezer method very productive. You freeze the fruit to release the juice before you mix in the sugar and Vodka.


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                              sounds good 4shoes ,thanks for the update ,quick question ,in the past with the cold i have had trouble with secondary fermintation ,to get round this i have put my bottles in an 80 liter storage box ,covered it with bubblewrap and blankets and put my fv heater belt in there and it seems to have done the job how do you get round this prob ? cheers
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