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  • Elderflower Fizz question

    Hello have made my first batch of Elderflower Fizz just sat in the bucket, followed a BBC recipe just flowes, sugar, water, viniger and lemon. Sat for two days, no sign of fermentation so added a few pinches of yeast per instructions three more days sat and nothing do I just bottle up and see or fiddle more? First time brewing had made cordial before but not fizz...


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    got any balloons?

    You can check for fermentation by pouring some into a bottle (I use a washed out plastic milk bottle) and put a balloon over the 'neck hole'.
    Make a tiny hole with a pin in the balloon (stops unfortunate explosions )

    If the balloon starts to inflate, you have fermentation!

    If, in 12 hours or so, the balloon doesn't inflate....not even a little bit...then you don't have fermentation....or fizz


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      how much are you making ? it might be worth going to wilkos and buying a fermentation vessel a air lock and a hydrometer it will only cost you about 15 and you will be able to keep an eye on whats going on alot easyer ,muddled idea is also a good way of doing it but it will still be a gamble when it comes to bottling up and if your putting them in glass bottles it could be abit risky ,good luck ,cheers
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        I have made up 12 litres.

        Its like it could hear me talking about him, top of tub/bucket has come up and fermentation has visibly started.

        Balloon idea sounds really good, will definitely keep that one in my back pocket muddled and funny enough Lebowski someone else told me to get myself down to wilko (my farther).

        Thank you for help and suggestions will definitely get more equipment for my next try.

        One more question has anyone tried frozen Elderflowers either cordial or wine/fizz, my husband told me he had read it somewhere few things online but wondered if anyone had actually been successful?


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          hi ,i havent heard of frozen elderflowers but i have used dried elderflowers in an ale kit i made a while back , your only up the road from me im in bedford
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            hows the wine making going imayhow ? did you go shopping for any bits and bobs ? i bottled my 1st batch today ,35 750ml bottles and im v happy with that ,cheers
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              So didn't go shopping for anymore items yet, obvious fermentation started the day after I started this thread. Bottled my fizz up on thursday recipe say I can try after a week. Have some visitors coming at the weekend so reckon I will have to crack open a bottle!!!

              Will buy some more helpful items like you suggested when Elderberries are out and ready try myself a little Elderberry Wine.

              Is yours wine Elderflower? How long does yours need to sit?


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                Elderflower champers needs very little time - 2 or 3 weeks is enough in my experience - its a quick fix
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                  yes mine is sparkling elderflower wine too and yes it can be drunk quiet soon after fermentation i normally leave mine 2 months ,what have you bottled yours in ? plastic or glass ? cos plastic expands and glass explodes
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                    I had read about the glass issue they are in a place were I wont cry if they do explode and got the bottles with grolsch stoppers.

                    Lots of reviews from people spoke about letting gas out in the early stages (first few weeks) as there is still sugar to create more bubbles after....

                    I am rambling probably talking rubbish but alway enjoy a little trial and error. I have put sugar (bout 1/4 tea spoon)at the bottom of half the bottles to see if it makes any difference to bubbles.
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                      hi,no you are correct about letting some of the pressure out in the 1st couple of weeks and that by adding sugar to the bottles that the yeast in the wine will eat that sugar and create the fizz you are after.i havent used the bottles with those type of tops before so i cant help there,good luck and keep us posted on how you get on ,cheers
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