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    pinksky is offline Germinator
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    Oct 2018

    Default Anyone Sowing Hardy Annuals Now?

    I shall be sowing mine once I've planted my tulips in November. I know they should be sown now but these are to be going in pots and I'd like some flowers to follow on once the tulips have finished. I've got poached egg, linaria, love-in-a-mist, snapdragons, calendula, cornflower and poppy. I think I might do sweet peas too.

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    Mitzi is offline Tuber
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    Nov 2016


    I'm still planning to sow some biennials / perennials that should really have been done in July - foxgloves, echinacea, evening primrose, can't remember what else. Was going to do some calendula too but leaving most annuals to the spring.

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    farendwoman is offline Rooter
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    Oct 2009


    I’ve already sowed cornflowers, sweet peas, pot marigolds and clary. Did this in September.
    All are up, i’ll brave the cold weather and go out for a photo tomorrow.
    However I only sow “cheapo” or own saved seed in the Autumn, and save the posh named varieties for Spring.
    That way I don’t fret if anything goes wrong and I lose them all.

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