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Thread: ID and propagation help please

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    I did it because I had to. YTS while working at a florist shop. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas were ridiculously busy. The rest of the time was overly picky brides to be or very distressed grieving family members. Hated it. Still capable of knocking up a flower arrangements or button hole. I'd rather not .
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    I get the picky brides bit but when my Dad passed away I did the funeral flowers and it gave me something to do. I loved doing the spray for the coffin tried to use some garden flowers in there too. He would have been "utterly fed up" that he missed them and couldn't brag to everyone how talented his daughter was

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    Never done a floristry course - but regularly sell flowers at my local Country Markets (formerly WI) stall.
    For my Mum’s funeral all my friends from the stall, including myself, did a bunch of garden flowers to take to the graveside.
    They were far nicer than any of the florist bouquets, in my opinion - and likewise Scarlet, my Mum would have been thrilled and delighted with them.
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